Genius Telugu Movie Review

Genius Telugu Movie Review

Small Screen Hero’s Big Failure

150.00 Minutes


Genius Movie Review

What is ‘Genius’ about?
Genius is the story of a young lad Nivas (Havish) who fights against the evil elements in the society. In due course, he takes the law in to hands and lets the justice prevail in a way he intends it to be right. Who are the people he counters? What problems he faces in the process and how he overcomes them forms the core of the movie. The story has an inherent message which urges Youth to become role models instead of making others as role models.

How did Havish fare?
This is the second film for Havish after Nuvvila. He played a subtle role in his first movie but in Genius, he played the role of Nivas which is intense. He could not carry it much. His expressions looked pale at several occasions. The person dubbed to Havish did a perfect job to match the intensity of the character but the voice did not match Havish’s feeble personality. Anyways, he has much to improve.

Genius Movie Review Telugu

How is Ohmkar’s direction?
Ohmmkar was a King Pin in small screen but that does not mean things will be a cake walk for him in the movies too. The direction is good in parts but he failed to interlude the scenes well. He seem to have got few scenes in hand and tried to stitch them together just for the sake of togetherness. There seem to be no connection at all whats so ever at many instances.

Genius movie Review

What about Sanoosha?
The new comer Sanoosha as Siri does not do anything great.

Anything great about Chinni Krishna’s story??
Chinni Krishna who penned stories to several blockbuster movies like Narasimha Naidu and Indra had lend the story to this movie. There was so much of hype created behind terming it as motivational pot boiler. But at the end, audience will only find that its a publicity stunt.

What about the comedy and other actors?
Ashish Vidyardhi as Peddapuram Peddababu, a noted action hero and his son, Chinna Babu (Master Bharath) managed few laughs. Brahmi does well too as Pappu. There are several other characters Senior actor Suman as Priest, Tamil Super Star Sharath Babu as police officer, Nagababu as a CBI officer, Annapurna as Middle class woman, Thagubothu Ramesh in his usual drunkard role have played their part well.

Genius Movie Review

How is Music, Songs and Dances?
The back ground music is good and the songs are just average. The placement of songs is a major concern in the first half hampering the flow of the movie. They are just averagely pictured too.

How is the Cinematography?
Diwakaran Raghunathan’s Camera work is okay. Grading and colouring is good. The lens man however did not try to do anything new in terms of technique.

What are the highlights?
1. Brahmanandham’s Aata and spoof of popular songs
2. India Pak Match scene
3. Spoof of Telugu heroes Peddababu and Chinna Babu
4. Dialogues

Genius movie Review

Any Drawbacks?
1. first half of the movie seems irrelevant and boring
2. Screenplay
3. Quality of the songs and their placement
4. The performance of the lead pair

Genius Movie Review

What about its box office prospects?
There can not be any half chances. Ohmmkar made a mess of it. The movie was reportedly made with a budget excess of 10C. There is no chance of even making half of it.

Did I enjoy it?
Not at all.

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