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Nothing But MB


‘UA’ Certified
2 hrs 5 mins.

Gayatri Review, Gayatri Movie Review Ratings What is the film about?
Dasari Sivaji (Mohan Babu) is a drama artist who can play anyone and any role. He uses this skill to earn money assuming that he has no one else in his life. As luck would have it, he finds his long-lost daughter Gayatri. Sivaji’s life turns upside down when he realizes the daughter hates his father the most. At the same time, his ‘acting’ skills almost threaten to kill his life courtesy Gayatri Patel (Mohan Babu in a dual role). What happens, in the end, is what the film is all about?

How is Mohan Babu’s performance?
Mohan Babu gets a tailor-made role that is suitable to his style. The dialogues are written with a lot of intent to make a political statement. There is a scope of little variation, and the senior actor plays it all to the galleries with the right effect.

Gayatri Review, Gayatri Movie Review Ratings Direction By Madhan?
Director Madan Ramigami has his task cut out with a script like Gayatri. On paper, it is an old emotional tale. The director could have infused some fresh colors to it, but sadly that is not the case. He just goes by the book in an old-fashioned manner and delivers a barely bearable product.

The film begins interestingly, but very soon become tiresome. It is only towards the interval that some momentum is built. It is carried forward in the second half via the flashback. It is predictable, but there are some genuine emotional connecting moments due to the simplicity of it all.

However, the real meat in the film lies in the pre-climax when the two Mohan Babu’s tracks merge. There is a brief passage that is engaging despite the very old-fashioned making. Better modern filmmaking would undoubtedly have created more impact. But the problem besides the making is the odd placement of song and unnecessary extension of scenes that only reduces the grip. The climax is also decent but again overstretched. Overall, if one doesn’t mind all the dated qualities on display, there are few engaging moments in the second half, mainly the pre-climax. Does this warrant a theatrical visit? Maybe, not so.

Gayatri Review, Gayatri Movie Review Ratings Shriya Saran and others?
Apart from Mohan Babu, the three female leads in the movie Shriya, Anasuya, and Nikhila Vimal have got good roles, even though the length is small. They have put up a genuine act in the respective parts. Manchu Vishnu appears in a brief segment, and he is alright. The rest of characters don’t make any noticeable impact.

Gayatri Review, Gayatri Movie Review Ratings Music and other departments?
SS Thaman has done his part by giving a couple of decent tunes and a proper BGM. The cinematography is decent in parts. Editing could have been better. The dialogues are fine.

Gayatri Review, Gayatri Movie Review Ratings Highlights?
Mohan Babu

Outdated Story & Making
First Half
Song Placement

Gayatri Review, Gayatri Movie Review Ratings Alternative Take
Fine tuning the script by removing some unwanted portions and making it compactly and slickly could have had a better result.

Did I enjoy it?

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Gayatri Movie Review Review by Siddartha Toleti