garam movie ReviewBOTTOM LINE
Cold and boring to death.


‘U/A’ 147 mins.

garam movie ReviewWhat is the film about?
Varalu (Aadi) leaves his village for a job in big city and comes to Hyderabad. He falls in love with a Muslim girl on first meeting. Did he get the girl or is there a twist?

How is Aadi’s performance?
There is a bit of change in diction of hero Aadi but besides that everything else is same as his previous films with all the energy intact. An improvement in terms of screen presence is still missing.

garam movie ReviewDirection By Madan?
For director Madan this is a pretty routine and weak movie without any doubt. The story is predictable and lacks freshness. There is nothing in the screenplay to make it engaging as well. Literally nothing happens in first half till about interval. Things do get a move in second half but it’s predictable and silly nature doesn’t let one engage to proceedings. Add to it the songs and love track one is literally bored to death as we reach the end.

garam movie ReviewAdah Sharma and others?
Adah Sharma has nothing to do in the film apart from dancing in songs and walking around in burka for most time. In the few scenes where there is scope she is alright. Tanikella Bharani is predictably fine. Naresh gets scope to perform in an expected sort of way and he delivers. Shakalaka Shankar is okay here. Prudhvi is wasted in a cameo. Chaitanya Krishna useless as well. Kabir Singh Dhuaa poses in various get ups stylishly. Brahmanandam is alright.

movie reviewMusic and other departments?
Music by Agasthya is alright but the placement of songs is bad. Background score is okay. Cinematography is below par. Editing should have been tighter. Dialogues are forgettable.

garam movie ReviewHighlights?
Little comedy here and there
Ending father realization

Predictable story
Weak narration
Songs placement

garam movie ReviewAlternative Take
Cut the love track and getting to consultancy point in thriller format with neighbour angle still in play.

Did I enjoy it?

Will you recommend it?

Garam Review by Siddhartha