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‘U/A’ Certified, 1 hrs 43 mins

Game Over Telugu Movie Review, Taapsee's Game Over Review Ratings What Is the Film About?
Swapna (Tapsee) has psychological issues. She has an Anniversary Reaction according to the psychiatrist. It means things start to get difficult for her as soon as she approaches a particular time that triggers her emotions. Simultaneously, there is tattooed trouble and while she is going through all this a psycho is on the run in the city. How Swapna faces various problems and overcomes them is what the film is all about?

How Is Taapsee’s Performance?
Tapsee is brilliant as Swapna. She gets a role that perfectly channels all the various causes that she lends her voice to in real life and in the second half she gets a cinematic getaway to battle them and get victorious.

The actress is thoroughly in the character out and out until the end. The fears, ashamedness, succumbing to the void created by helplessness and rising up to the challenge are all adequately portrayed by Tapsee. Game Over will be among the top when she looks back at her career concerning the performances.

Game Over Telugu Movie Review, Taapsee's Game Over Review Ratings Direction by Ashwin Saravanan?
Ashwin Saravanan has picked a simple yet complex subject in Game Over. It appears simple in the end, but the way its shot and is presented to the audience to consume is really challenging and difficult. Still, if one stays through the proceedings until the end, the climax will help connect everything get the point the director is trying to make.

The first half appears disjointed and confusing due to various non-related themes being merged into a single narrative. There is the women abuse, a ghost angle, personal psychological collapse, and a psycho killer amidst all these.

Individually, the scenes are gripping but as a narrative, the first half fails to hold together. It is due to the themes mentioned-above that are running one after the other. It turns the narrative chaotic. However, the portion involving the mother of a dead girl who comes to see the tattoo is very well done. It sets up a perfect emotion but still makes no sense at that point.

It is when the second half starts and we are ten minutes into it that the connection becomes evident. The proceedings then take a different turn with the introduction of time loop plot device and the audience is again thrown a curveball. However, pretty soon one is used to it and understands what is in store. The second half, in that sense, is much simpler and is a game of survival.

From the mid of the second half, Game Over, takes a flat turn. The ending is simple but the dialogue that comes before the “third repetition” is what holds the narrative together. The straightforward ending is therefore anticipated.

Overall, Game Over is an interesting concept that lacks a cohesive and engaging narrative. If you want to watch something fresh irrespective of narrative issues, then make sure to give it a try. If a simple entertainment format is all you crave for in a movie then stay away.

Game Over Telugu Movie Review, Taapsee's Game Over Review Ratings Others?
The movie has very limited characters. Vinodini is the only other artist who is part of the narrative in a serious sense. The killers, for example, are present with their masks on and the parents mostly are felt through voiceovers. Coming back to Vinodini, she has done her part as required without going overboard anywhere.

Game Over Telugu Movie Review, Taapsee's Game Over Review Ratings Music and Other Departments?
Technically the movie is slick and compact. Ron Ethan Yohann has done a fantastic job with his background score. It does seem highly inspired by Johann Johannsson, though. The cinematography is also neat and gives the film is a crisp look. The writing is alright.

Game Over Telugu Movie Review, Taapsee's Game Over Review Ratings Highlights?
Basic Concept
Interval Block

Confused Narrative
Too Many Themes Inserted
No Emotional Connect

Game Over Telugu Movie Review, Taapsee's Game Over Review Ratings Alternative Take
The mix of time loop concept with a ghost angle was interesting and exciting. Perhaps a film entirely running in those two themes without other excessive baggage. And while you are at watch a few movies with time loop plot.

Did I Enjoy It?
Yes, for the most part

Will You Recommend It?
Yes, but with reservation

Game over Review by Siddartha Toleti

Game Over Telugu Movie Review, Taapsee's Game Over Review RatingsPreview: Game Over

Taapsee gradually turned out to be a performer who can’t be taken for granted. After watching the trailer of ‘Game Over’, we daren’t even give her a benefit of doubt.

So, it’s not doubting Taapsee’s performance but the thriller that looks like to be etched on an intriguing plot that makes us more anxious. Here, the director Ashwin Saravanan will take all the credit if the thriller clicks, big time.

Of course, Taapsee will add one more feather in her cap if this movie proves to be an edge-of-the-seat thriller that seems to be plotting between reality and virtual reality with a unique base, using a video game as the backdrop of the movie.

The critics and select audiences who watched the movie from the special show have been raving about the genre of the movie, especially, Taapsee’s mind-blowing rendering to the character she essayed.

However, it’s the audiences’ word of mouth that would actually define the work of the director and the heroine, along with the entire team.

It’s time to find if those rave reviews were indeed candid or weren’t. Also, to find out if Taapsee’s script judgment that has been great in the recent past remained the same when she chose ‘Game Over’.

No further delay. We’ll be among those early birds to be back with ‘Game Over’ review. Watching out for our review, folks!