Gaddam Gang MovieBOTTOM LINE
Tries too hard to entertain.


“U/A” Certified, 143 mins.

Raja Sekhar Gaddam Gang MovieWhat is the film about?
Escapades of a kidnapping gang. What happens when the gang breaks its rule and kidnaps a guy with powerful background.

How is Raja Sekhar’s performance?
Actor Rajasekhar clearly lacks the youthful exuberance required for the role but he still manage to provide fun in an unintentional manner through his effort to act cool despite looking awkward doing it. The sincerity with which he does is the trick here.

Director P Santhosh Gaddam Gang MovieDirection By Santhosh?
Santosh has a foolproof script in his hand and all he has to do is execute it properly without messing up. His doesn’t exactly mess up but still fails to bring the razor sharp entertainment into play in remake which was highlight of the original. The script itself provides the engagement required. He doesn’t bring anything fresh on table here while simultaneously failing to control the proceedings that explode all over the place. The result of this is while the film has parts that manage to engage us and provide entertainment, it fails to do so as a whole.

Sheena Shahabadi Gaddam Gang MovieSheena Shahabadi and others performance?
Sheena is seen as sole heroine in the film playing literally a soul. There is nothing here for her to show any acting skills. Satyam Rajesh and batch together with hero are the important characters in the film and they try hard to get the group chemistry going but succeed only partially. Naresh as sincere politician is okay where as Nagababu in small role is fine. The real highlight is the no nonsense and no talking cop played by Yog Japee. He repeats his act from the original as it is and still manages to do what is required.

Achu Gaddam Gang MovieMusic and other departments?
Music by Achu is just about okay keeping the genre limitation in mind. The background score is alright. It needed better editing for further impact. Cinematography is patchy. Editing is not good. Dialogues are a mixed bag. They are hilarious in parts but overall look forced.

Highlights Gaddam Gang MovieHighlights?
Gabbar portion.
Few twists and turns.

Lacks nativity.
Forced comedy.
Clumsy presentation.

Draw backs Gaddam Gang MovieAlternative take:
There is really no need to have an alternative take here as we have an original that is really good and delivers as a fresh crime caper.

Did I enjoy it?
Yes, in parts.

Will you recommend it?
Only to those who like crime capers.

Gaddam Gang Review by Siddartha Toleti