Gaali Sampath Telugu Movie ReviewBOTTOM LINE
Falls Flat, Entertainment And Emotion


1h 59m, ‘U’ Certified

Sree Vishnu - Gaali Sampath ReviewWhat Is the Film About?
Soori wants to own a truck and lead a settled, married life with a lover. Gaali Sampath, his father, wants to be an acclaimed artist and tries his luck everywhere to show his performance. He is also extremely protective and careful about his son. What happens when Gaali Sampath unknowingly causes pain to his son, and how it ends up is what the movie is all about?

How Is Rajendra Prasad’s Performance?
Rajendra Prasad is exemplary in the role of Gaali Sampath. It is another memorable act from the veteran artist. The entire movie rests on his performance in the titular role. The ‘Mime’ sequence is a testament to his incredible performance. As Anil Ravipudi said about the film, it is a celebration of the actor Rajendra Prasad.

Sree Vishnu is a perfect foil and together with Rajendra Prasad forms a right love-hate relationship. Apart from his scenes with Rajendra Prasad, Sree Vishnu is his usual self in the romantic portions. He does look a lot livelier here, though.

Director Annish KrishnaDirection by Annish Krishna?
Anish of Ala Ela and Lover fame directs Gaali Sampath. S Krishna provides the story, whereas Anil Ravipudi takes care of screenplay and dialogues. With so many names coming, one expects something special. However, that is only restricted to Rajendra Prasad.

The beginning of Gaali Sampath establishing the charters of Rajendra Prasad and Sree Vishnu set the tone for the movie. It is entirely in tune with the Anil Ravipudi brand. The fast pace and sharp cuts, leaving no scope for lag, bear the blockbuster director’s trademark. The dialogues further cement the impression.

However, when it comes to the story aspect, there is no real progress. Whatever little happens is done to death variety and predictable. In fact, the subplots involving the father and son are weak. The father and son aspect and that too, with the father’s condition related to voice, is the only new aspect.

Irrespective of the predictability, the narrative moves at a fast pace. It never slows down. One comedy punch after another is reserved. Some of them click superbly, but many are flat, though. Even here, the ‘Audit’ track is stretched beyond the limit. However, the ‘blood letter’ and ‘driving’ sequences are hilarious as they are short.

The narrative offers no real surprise story-wise. What makes one stick to it is Rajendra Prasad. The mime sequence during the pre-interval is a great example of the same. Scenes like them are the reason why one comes to Gaali Sampath in the first place. The interval block is pretty ordinary.

Once that ‘incident’ happens at internal, there is very little remaining to see story-wise in the second half. The whole genre of the movie changes from dramedy to survival genre drama.

Unfortunately, the cinematic liberties taken during the sequences of survival lessen the impact of the proceedings. A sense of the threat is only felt initially, but it reduces and finally becomes comical as the thread progresses. Everything else that happens besides it is already a fall from the first half and a drag.

The ending is overdramatic, but it is fair considering the heightened tone from the start. But it comes a little too late. By the time the interest is lost, one only waits to see how the story is concluded.

Overall, Gaali Sampath is all about Rajendra Prasad and his fabulous acting. A few comedy sequences click otherwise. But, on the whole, it is a less impressive fare considering the talents involved. Give it a try; if you want to watch Rajendra Prasad try something different. Otherwise, stay away.

Rajendra Prasad - Gaali Sampath Review Lovely Singh and Others?
Lovely Singh looks lovely, but she doesn’t get a decent part. She plays a typical girl falling in love with the hero but acts tough on the outside. She is okay.

Apart from the main players, Sathya has the next best role, especially in the first half. He is the translator for Rajendra Prasad; it also does the same for the audience. He has done a good job but goes missing in the second half. Many regulars seen in Anil Ravipudi movies play small bits and pieces roles, and they are fine.

Music Director -Achu-RajamaniMusic and Other Departments?
Achu provides the music for the film. The songs are alright, and so is the background score. It feels very generic. The cinematography by Sai Sriram is decent. Given the topography, it could have been much better. The editing by Tammiraju is sharp. The pace never slackens. The writing by Anil Ravipudi is decent by his high standards.

Lovely Singh - Gaali Sampath ReviewHighlights?
Rajendra Prasad
Mime Action block
Few Comedy Scenes

Weak Story
Flat Second Half
Un-engaging Sub Plots

Satya - Gaali Sampath Telugu Movie ReviewAlternative Take
With a survival drama at the core, there is little one could do, but at least a dramatic escalation was the need of the hour instead of cinematic escalation.

Did I Enjoy It?
Yes, Very Few Parts

Will You Recommend It?
Yes, But With Huge Reservations

Gaali Sampath Movie Review by Siddartha