Fidaa Movie Review – Sai Pallavi Naitho Fidaa Kaiko!

Fidaa Movie Review

Sai Pallavi Naitho Fidaa Kaiko!


‘U’ Certified, 2 hrs 14 mins.

Varun TejWhat is the film Fidaa about?
Varun (Varun Tej) arrives to a village for his brothers marriage and falls in love with Bhanumati (Sai Pallavi). Small misunderstanding separates them. What happens in the end is what the film is all about?

How is Varun Tej’s performance?
Fidaa could very well turn out to be the film that Varun Tej and his career needed to take off but, and it’s a big but, it wouldn’t be the sort of success that would make him a star or increase position trade wise. He is delight to watch in few scenes but by and large is overshadowed by the Sai Pallavi show. In the second half he has good emotional moments and he is just alright in all of them. There is a bit of awkwardness in his body language (due to weight gain) which he needs to take care off as soon as possible.

Sekhar KammulaDirection By Sekhar Kammula?
Sekhar Kammula at the beginning of his career made few films that created a brand. There was a uniqueness about the way he approached the subjects. He lost his way in the past two films but now he is back with a bang. Alright, not a full bang but with half bang and that saves the day as well.

The first half of Fidaa is vintage Sekhar Kammula film with his trademark written all over it. In fact, it won’t be an overstatement to say it is on par with the best film in his career, Godavari. The entire flow of the first half in terms of emotions is absolutely perfect. It gives us a feeling of a classic in the current movie environment where everything is formulaic and feels derivative. It’s almost too good to be the true type.

The problem comes in the second half when everything crumbles. All the freshness is missing and entertainment leads to irritation. The organic connection that one feels is completely missing in the second half. It feels stretched and natural charm is missing. Still, it is Sai Pallavi and to an extent the little chemistry built with Varun Tej that pulls us through. The music helps but one is left with a strong feeling of ‘what could have been’ if the second half was as good as first. Overall, Sai Pallavi and the first half alone warrant a visit to the theaters.

Sai PallaviSai Pallavi and others?
Sai Pallavi is sensational. She is the heart and soul of the movie without an iota of doubt. She is a scene stealer right from the first scene till last one she is in, no one else registers when she is around. Sai Pallavi is that good. The fact the one has hardly anyone else to mention apart from her should tell how good she has been. The actor’s playing the Father and Brother are apt for the part and they don’t overdo any emotions. Satyam Rajesh is ok.

Shakti KanthMusic and other departments?
Music and background score by Shakti Kanth are amazing. They are the biggest help for the movie during the second half when things go round and round in circles. The cinematography is fine,it could have been better. Editing is neat. Dialogues are good.

Satyam RajeshHighlights?
First half
Sai Pallavi
Realistic treatment
Music and Bgm

Second half
Repetitive drama

Varun TejAlternative Take
Better conflict point in second half or a shorter second half.

Did I enjoy it?

Will you recommend it?

Fidaa Review by Siddhartha

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– Final Report:

Second half drags in parts and feels bit lengthy at times. Our full review will be up soon. Visit back for our frank review.

– Conflict point which is the key for second half of the film is not strong. That’s where the film starts losing the charm created in first half yet at the end it will not disappoint with awesome performance of the female lead.
– Frequent rain shots in the movie explains why Sekhar Kammula thought of naming the film ‘Musuru’ initially. Even for wedding Sekhar Kammula chose a rainy day to show the difference which is not the usual case with other films.
– BGM is good and makes you notice the good work.
– Harsha Vardhan gets a very brief role.

– First Half Report:

Fidaa first half is all about some nicely captured feel good moments in typical Kammula style. Sai Pallavi’s Telangana accent brings the required freshness though there is nothing new. Overall it’s a feel good first half.

– Sai Pallavi’s dance in ‘Vachinde’ song is very graceful.
– Bhanu (Sai Pallavi) is the main highlight of the first half. She steals the show with her energy and performance. After Premam, Fidaa will get her huge praise for her brilliant acting skills.
– Varun Tej looks like he gained significant weight.
– Show started in US backdrop. Our next update will be first half report.

US Premiers update: Fidaa Thursday premier in US opened with very decent numbers. A decent figure about $150k – $175k is expected from premiers. But with positive ratings all over the web Fidaa should collect a very decent sum in its liferun.

Fidaa live updates begin at 5.30 AM IST.

Fidaa: Preview

Shekhar Kammula’s ‘Fidaa’ is one of those luckiest films which has got a producer like Dil Raju who can give his films wider audiences and plan publicity in such a way creating a positive buzz around the film. The producer is a big backing for this film.

Leaving this aspect aside, this movie is very crucial for two individuals. One is the director and the other is the hero of the film. Varun Tej is yet to prove his prowess as a solid performer and establish himself as a reliable name at the ticket windows.

After the pitiful fate of ‘Mister’, this movie has become very critical for the mega hero. Being a love story with Shekhar Kammula’s mark, he might win huge fan base among the girls if he impresses them big time. It depends on the kind of role he’s got to do in ‘Fidaa‘.

For Shekhar Kammula, it’s like a comeback sorts of film. He is coming up with ‘Fidaa’ after three years and it has been a decade since he gave a proper hit like ‘Happy Days’. Once a sensation among the US audiences, the director lost his mojo with a couple of his previous films.

Coming to the ‘Premam’ heroine Sai Pallavi, Shekhar Kammula believes that she is the perfect choice to play the strong and rustic Telangana girl. But, she didn’t impress much from what we have got to see in the trailers. She didn’t disappoint, though.

We have to wait and see how she will be in the film. We know, Shekhar Kammula‘s heroines are simple and have that earthy flavor. Sai Pallavi’s cute Telangana accent is definitely one of the attractions but that’s not enough. The full movie is going to tell us if the ‘Premam’ girl is impressive in her Telugu debut.

With the kick-ass ‘vachindey’ music number followed by the impressive remaining songs, the music is going to be a plus if the story turns out to be truly connecting. So, what is left to see if Shekhar Kammula has that lost mojo in him? That alone will decide the success of the film and if this film helps Varun Tej’s career. Wait for a few more hours for a full Fidaa movie review from mirchi9 team.

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