Fashion Designer Son Of Ladies Tailor ReviewBOTTOM LINE
Unnecessary Sequel.


‘A’ Certified, 2 hrs 08 mins

Sumanth-AshwinWhat is the film about?
Gopalam (Sumanth Ashwin) wants to start and big fashion boutique and for investment he is after rich girls. He traps one girl after other without realizing what repercussion it could have. What happens when suddenly one day someone threatens to leak all the affairs and how he gets out of all the mess is what the film is all about?

How is Sumanth’s performance?
Sumanth Ashwin has very innocent looks and apart from that he has no other quality to fit into the milieu. He tries hard but falls flat as a Godavari youth. The accent doesn’t come naturally to him at all. Even in the emotional scenes he is not convincing.

director-vamsiDirection By Vamsi?
Vamsi has been outdated for a long time and Fashion Designer makes it amply clear once again. The problem is not with the set up, he can any day make film set in the Godavari backwater but the issue is with the thoughts and the execution. They have expired long ago and have nothing fresh in them to align with the tastes of current generation. Even that wouldn’t be a problem if the writing and execution was sharp. Even that is not the case here.

The first half meanders with very little plot movement till the interval. Even the interval is ordinary and expected. The second half again proceeds on predictable lines and it all ends in a tame manner. Barring a scene or two with a quirky dialogue, nothing really works in the movie.

Anisha-AmbroseAnisha Ambrose and others?
There are three main female leads in the movie. Among them only Anisha Ambrose has some sort of role. Others are there just to fall for hero and have duets with him. There are few other important roles in terms of plot but they have been given very little in terms of screen time to show what can they do. The character of Kausalya for example or Gavarraju. They could have been used more appropriately.

music-directorMusic and other departments?
Music and background score by Mani Sharma are the biggest positives of the movie. Editing is poor and so is the cinematography. The latter especially should have been a highlight but that isn’t the case. Dialogues are okay.

Music and BGM
Few comedy dialogues

Sumanth Ashwin
Predictable Screenplay
Outdated Direction

manasaAlternative Take
Sometimes there is just no point is making a sequel film. Fashion Designer is one such film which doesn’t deserved to be made, certainly not with the current cast

Did I enjoy it?

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Fashion Designer S/o Ladies Tailor Review Review by Siddhartha