express-raja-movie-reviewBOTTOM LINE
Derailed midway


‘U’ Certified, 144 mins.

express-raja-reviewWhat is the film about?
xpress Raja is all about a guy who hates dogs. How the dog comes in his life again and changes his fate finally making him a man of worth in front of his father.

How is Sharwanand’s performance?
Sharwanand is slowly emerging into a great presence on screen. His comic timing and body language are superb and they contribute a lot to that feeling. In the film he returns to the fun mode ala Run Raja Run after a serious attempt and it’s a treat to watch him.

express-raja-reviewDirection By Merlapaka Gandhi?
Merlapaka Gandhi once again makes a solid directorial effort. There is a punch in every scene and its not just related to the dialogues. So where does the problem lie? It lies in the screenplay of the film and few characterizations that complete break the flow of the film and bring the free flow to a screeching halt. The dialogues and direction still have the finesse but the narrative is struck like a broken record. In the end despite an entertaining content there is a feeling of dissatisfaction and that’s where the film fails.

surabhi-express-raja-reviewSurabhi and others?
Surabhi is fine in what can be termed as her best looking role in Telugu films so far. There is nothing there to show her histrionics and all though. Apart from the lead pair the film has few neatly designed characters which have been played to varying effects by the artists but the one who stands out is Sapthagiri. He gets a full length role again after a gap and he makes the most of it. Following him is Prabhas Seenu who gets to mouth some really good one liner’s.

Supreeth does comedy and is alright. Shakalaka Shankar in small part is good. Veteran actress Urvashi however feels miscast and gets irritating at point. Harish Uttaman is okay.

express-raja-reviewMusic and other departments?
Music by Praveen Lakkaraj is good. Background score is decent. Cinematography is good considering it’s a small film. Editing which is so important for this film is good. Dialogues are hilarious and they are the major reason why we feel the entertainment.


Vasantha Kokila episode

express-raja-movie-reviewAlternative Take
First half of the film was fine its in the second half where the trouble lies. An alternative take would be to simply write new characterization for the story to progress forward and connect overall.

Did I enjoy it?
Yes for most

Will you recommend it?
Yes but with lots of reservations.

Express Raja Review by Siddhartha