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Fun Ride In ‘Small’ Parts


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Santosh Shoban - Ek Mini Katha ReviewWhat Is the Film About?

Santosh (Santosh Sobhan) is obsessed and psychologically disturbed with his lack of male endowment. It is the root cause of all his problems. What happens when he falls in love with a girl? How does he overcome the psychological aspect related to ‘size’ is what the movie is all about?

How Is Santosh Shoban’s Performance?

Santosh looked confident in his debut Paper Boy. He continues the same here. The free-flowing dialogue delivery and deadpan expressions are his positives. They are made the best use here in Ek Mini Katha.

The entire movie is one dimensional concerning the performance of Santosh Sobhan. It is acceptable for a beginner, but he has to show versatility in the coming days and add depth to the emotion in the coming days. The last sequence, for example, is fine here, but when attempting similar stuff in future, it must go a notch higher dramatically.


Karthik Rapolu directs Ek Mini Katha with writing provided by Merlapaka Gandhi. The core subject related to size is a fresh point in the movie. It makes one interested in the film in the first place. But, is there more to it is what is going to make it successful.

Ek Mini Katha opens well. The beginning of the psychiatric session involving a conversation between Harsha Vardhan and father and son (individually) is neat. It offers the right mix of fun and curiosity.

The subsequent portions take the fun quotient a notch higher with the introduction of the friend character. Some one-liners and gags are well written, timed and placed. Ultimately, it is all a build-up to the take-off involving the core issue. Unfortunately, that never arrives.

The central conflict involving the size takes a backseat to the fun. It (the fun) is fine initially, but when it gets prolonged with multiple crazy characters added to provide entertainment, one gets a restless feeling.

The whole segment starting from the reception and introduction of Sapthagiri gives a filler vibe. Despite some funny sequences, it feels like a delay in dealing with the inevitable issue at hand. As a result, it brings a little bit of frustration, even when all sorts of attempts are made to induce laughs.

Finally, after all the drag, the climax takes place predictably and routinely. It feels like quickly wrapped up after all the build-up to it. If we were to say it in the language of the movie, then it is ‘premature ejaculation’.

Still, props to the makers for picking the topic, but how one wishes it was dealt with a lot more care, sensitivity and depth.

Overall, Ek Mini Katha is an urban entertainer with a fresh plot, neat cast and lovely visuals. If that is enough, along with small bits of fun on the way, give it a try. But, do not expect any depth to it.

Kavya Thapar - Ek Mini Katha Review Kavya Thapar and Others?

Kavya Thapar is the main female lead in the movie. She has nothing much to do, but her presence and presentation with a trendy yet girl next door look add to the narrative. It is a good casting choice, and the same can be said about other supporting roles.

Brahmaji is lively and infectious with his energy and timing. Sudarshan gets a full-length comic sidekick role after a gap, and he delivers in his usual style. Harsha Vardhan has a limited role but leaves an impact towards the end. Shraddha Das, too has a small cameo like part. She is alright. Sapthagiri comes like a hurricane in between, doing his bit with ease as only he can. Posani Krishna Murali is wasted. The rest of the cast, too, is fine even if they appear briefly.

Music Director Praveen LakkarajuMusic and Other Departments?

The music by Pravin Lakkaraju goes with the flow of the movie. Nothing stands out, even background wise, but it is not bad either. The cinematography by Madhie is neat and gives the film a trendy urban look. The editing is decent. The writing by Merlapaka Gandhi is adequate. It works well during the comedy, even though it might feel silly. However, it is the dramatic moments where it could have been better.

Brahmaji - Ek Mini Katha ReviewHighlights?

Unique Set Up



Pleasant Visuals


Rushed Making

Not Enough Meat Related To Core Content

Routine Drama Outside Core Point

Shraddha Das - Ek Mini Katha ReviewDid I Enjoy It?

Yes, in Parts

Will You Recommend It?


Ek Mini Katha Movie Review by Siddartha Toleti

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