Dynamite Telugu Movie ReviewBOTTOM LINE
Fizzles to explode.


“U/A” Certified, 142 Mins.

Manchu Vishnu Dynamite Telugu Movie ReviewWhat is the film about?
Shivaji (Manchu Vishnu) and Anamika (Pranitha) like each other on the first meeting. She likes him so much that she invites him to her house on the first meeting itself. What happens when Anamika is kidnapped before Shivaji? Why is she kidnapped and who is behind all this is what the film is all about?

How is Manchu Vishnu’s performance?
Vishnu plays a full on action character in the film that has very little other emotions on display. He does well in the action sequences but in the little moments that require him to be a natural appear fake and lack convincing. Overall it’s a decent effort, one that is easy to pass thanks to the over emphasis on stunts.

Deva katta Dynamite Telugu Movie ReviewDirection By Deva katta?
Director Deva Katta has made few films but has developed a unique style for him. One could recognize his film if one watches it for few minutes. Unfortunately Dynamite not even for a second give that feeling. Huge part of it has to do with him not providing dialogues but even in the way the scenes are conceived or executed there is something missing.

A film like Dynamite needs strong screenplay and solid direction to engage the audience. While the film is adept on the screenplay front, it is weak in direction and that let’s it down. In the end one gets a feeling of underwhelming when all the suspense is revealed.

Pranitha Subhash Dynamite Telugu Movie ReviewPranitha Subhash and other artists?
Pranitha has a one dimensional character and she does nothing to make one feel otherwise and engage. JD Chakravarthy is seen after a long time. Neither the character nor his performance gives us a feeling of missing him. There are few other actor’s like Praveen, Paruchuri Venkateshwara Rao, Nagineedu etc but they don’t create any impression.

Acchu Dynamite Telugu Movie ReviewMusic and other departments?
Music by Achu is poor, the background score by Chinna is better in comparison. Technically the film looks very poor with bad editing and cinematography. Dialogues by BVS Ravi are below par.

Highlights Dynamite Telugu Movie ReviewHighlights?
Screenplay in parts.


Drawbacks Dynamite Telugu Movie ReviewAlternative Take
There are dime a dozen films made on this narrative in many languages. It’s better to pick a better one among them to watch. If not just simply up the ante in terms of the crime rather than repeat the same ad nauseam.

Did I enjoy it?
Very few moments.

Will you recommend it?

Dynamite Review by Siddhartha