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What Is the Film About?

Drushyam 2 is a sequel to much loved Drushyam. The story takes off exactly six years after the events of the original film. Rambabu (Venkatesh) is still looking after the family which is still reeling with psychological repercussions of the case they were framed in.

The police department taking the whole thing as a prestige issue comes up with solid incriminating evidence to lock Rambabu and his family behind bars. Did Rambabu save his family again is the movie’s core plot.


Stepping into the shoes of Mohan Lal and enacting an iconic part essayed by him is not an easy task for any actor. Venkatesh does that for the second time with Drushyam 2 playing the same character. And he comes out with a winning act again.

Venkatesh, being a senior and experienced artist, does the character of Rambabu in his typical style. He has his own body language that is working for him since time immemorial while essaying family dramas. It is what we see here and he does it with ease. The dramatic parts are dialled down and presented in low key manner. All the while intensity is maintained.

Having said all this, Drushyam 2 is still just another movie for the star and a decent outing for him as an actor. It isn’t particularly a standout act or iconic film in his career.


Jeethu, Joseph who directed the original, helms the remake as well. Drushyam 2 is a faithful remake on his part without any tweaks or changes from the original.

The movie takes off from the titles itself. The opening incident is key to two-thirds of the proceedings which is why one shouldn’t miss the part. It is an excellent hook and one that makes the sequel organic and not some cash grab in the first place.

What happens next is a psychological drama involving the various characters of the family. How the different family members of Rambabu (including him) are coping with the events after the end of Drushyam are dealt with here.

While the point is alright and lends emotional value, and also simultaneously builds the characters, it has been dealt slowly with TV serial like quality. The sharpness is missing and the setting and execution give it a soap opera feel.

It is only when we move towards the pre-interval block and the first twist arrives that things are on track. The story takes off from that point, and it dwarfs the issues apparent, otherwise. The interval neatly builds the curiosity in the second half of the movie.

The real meat of Drushyam 2 lies in the second half. It is here that the story comes out fully gripping the audience. Despite the slow pace one is interested in the proceedings due to the content.

The major reason above all for the engaging narrative is a stronger opposition. As is with mass movies, when the villain is good, the hero elevation gets to the next level. Similarly, the strengthening of the police department’s investigation and concrete pieces of evidence against Rambabu highlights the heroic cause. His (Rambabu’s) plan to come out as trump from an impossible situation is where Drushyam 2 scores.

The blending of cinema into the cinematic narrative is neatly done during the climactic portions. The only issue here is the over dramatization of Nadhiya’s character to make her look like a villain.

The biggest issue, ultimately, with Drushyam 2, though, is the remake factor. Unlike a drama that could be seen for the lead’s performance (Narappa), a thriller remake offers very little recall value unless the original is relatively unknown (like say a Ratsasan). It is not the case with Drishyam 2 starring Mohan Lal. In this particular case, the original too was an OTT affair.

Overall, Drushyam 2 is another faithful remake starring Venkatesh. It is perfectly executed and offers enough content power for a reasonably good one time watch to those who have no idea of its original. Those who have seen it can easily avoid this remake.


Meena drives the drama in the first half of the movie. She along with the younger girls, Esthar and Kruthika Jayakumar are good in dramatic portions that relate to their mental stability. Naresh and Nadhiya are the other recurring players. The former continues his subtle ways, but the latter goes overboard at times.

Sampath and Vinay Varma playing the cops are new additions to the cast. They are good in their respective roles. Sampath takes charge during the second half of the movie and is a formidable opposition script-wise. He creates the same impact with his act, although it’s nothing new for him.

The rest of the cast comprises of bits and pieces actors in crucial roles like Satyam Rajesh and Shafi. They are all adequately cast and do their job well.

Music and Other Departments?

The music by Anup Rubens is forgettable. The background score is okay in parts. The cinematography could have been better, barring a few shots. The editing by Marthand K Venkatesh is okay. The writing is neat and is an asset for the movie for an engaging narrative.




Second Half



Slow Pace

Remake (Only Those Who Have Seen Original)

Beginning Half An Hour

Alternative Take

There is nothing much one can do with remakes of thrillers. The alternative is keeping the sensibility of the local audience in mind and sharpening the proceedings. Therefore, the run time could have been crispier here.

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Drushyam 2 Telugu Movie Review by Siddartha Toleti