Dora Lacks Bite


‘A’ Certified.

NayanatharaWhat is the film about?
Parijatam (Nayantara) starts a call taxi service after she buys a car. Strange things starts to happen when the car starts running. Why is the car acting strangely and what is the story behind it and how is it related to Parijatam is what the film is all about?

How is Nayanathara’s performance?
Nayantara is superb as usual. She is decent in the beginning but comes into form during the second hour. The police stations scene shows her acting capabilities and the following killing is made worth a watch due to her act and attitude. Overall, the movie would have been a complete waste of time if not for her.

Doss-RamasamyDirection By Doss Ramasamy?
Doss Ramasamy has a pretty routine script in his hand. It has to be made exciting with good execution. The director tries his best but fails as the script lets him down. There are few moments which are good and makes one look forward to the proceedings but otherwise, everything else is predictable.

The first half acts as a mere filler to the proceedings in the second half. The real story of the movie is revealed in the second half. When we get to that crucial incident it doesn’t feel organic and gives us a contrived feeling. It is as if the director wanted the two incidents to have a connect for the story to make sense. Since the connection looks forced not much emotion is generated. However, due to good act by the villain and little bit of emotion generated by the honest animal angle, there is a small interest intermittently. The police station scene and the following revenge attempt is neatly done in second half. Apart from that portion everything else is weak and boring.

Harish-UthamanHarish Uthaman and others?
Thambi Ramayya, Harish Uttaman and Sulile Kumar are three primary characters apart from a heroine. Thambi Ramayya is the comic relief. He puts up a routine show but is missing in the second half. Harish Uttaman is alright. After a point, he just has a single frustrating expression on his face that gets boring. Sulile Kumar has nothing to do till the climax where he shines briefly. The rest don’t register.

music-directorMusic and other departments?
Music by Vivek Siva Mervin and Solomon is alright. More than the music the background score is better. The cinematography is fine. Editing is okay. Dialogues are pretty ordinary.


Weak narration

Sulile-KumarAlternative Take
So many films are made in this format where a dead person comes as ghost and takes revenge, all it needs is a better villain track that is integral to main track.

Did I enjoy it?

Will you recommend it?

Dora Review by Siddartha Toleti