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Fun Watch Despite Faulty Second Half



What Is the Film About?

DJ Tillu (Siddhu Jonnalagadda) chances over Radhika at a bar. Soon they are in a relationship, and the latter invites him over to her house. However, Tillu is completely unaware that she is married. Things take a dramatic turn when he arrives at her home and lands in unexpected trouble.

The result of the situation is several people are after DJ Tillu and Radhika. Everyone has a reason to blackmail and extort money. DJ Tillu escaping from the extraordinary circumstances using his dimwit (yet, highly confident) techniques is the movie’s basic plot.


Siddhu, who has co-written the story and screenplay along with director Vimal Krishna, is the lifeline of the movie. As he is part of the character from its inception, he knows it inside out. It helps him in staying with the character and delivering dialogues naturally. The unique body language additionally lifts the material.

Right from the first promotion material, the character of DJ Tillu and the dialogues were what attracted the viewers. It created an expectation on Siddhu, and he has lived up to it essentially. With confidence, one can say that DJ Tillu is the best role in a reasonably small career of the actor (as a lead) so far.


Vimal Krishna directs DJ Tillu. He also additionally provides the story and screenplay in collaboration with Siddhu. As the tale rests on a wafer-thin idea, it needed excellent direction, screenplay and dialogues to hold the attention. The team succeeds in delivering them up to a point.

The entire first half is a hoot as we are introduced to DJ Tillu and his whacky characterization. The language, slang, dialogues and above all, Siddhu’s performance in the part makes us glued to the proceedings. The whole thing screams freshness with capital F, and the attitude wins us over.

As mentioned earlier, there is hardly any story. It is the small moments that work superbly. The lead pair chemistry and the oddball situations they find themselves in lend all the funny moments to keep us hooked.

The interval mark shows signs of repetition, but one doesn’t mind anything at that point.

However, when things re-start in the second half after the break, it looks like the team, too, has taken a break (on paper) and didn’t come back. There is a visible drop in engaging (and entertaining) content. The whole amnesia block is tiring beyond imagination.

A key thing to observe here is that as more and more characters are introduced, the narrative gets progressively weaker. This was in quite a contrast to the first hour when the focus was only on leads. It shows that the writing has been mainly about the ‘hero’. The rest are only added out of the necessity to complete a story, no matter how flimsy.

Things do get back on track after the quick drop post-intermission. But, it is again not on the same level as the first half. The punches come, but they are few and far between. Once the fun is missing, suddenly, the hallowed story is exposed.

The on and off entertainment is how DJ Tillu progresses in the second half. A hilarious court sequence follows the dreadful amnesia block. The entire burden to carry the narrative is put on a single character and his antics and attitude. It works when the writing works and situations are quirky.

The ending is hurriedly wrapped up, bringing a new character all of a sudden. It shows the team’s desperation to wrap up things quickly. They knew they had strayed away and didn’t want to go too far with it to entirely dilute the fantastic first-hour impression.

Overall, DJ Tillu has an entertaining first half but drops the ball in the second hour. It is still a passable and time pass affair due to the quirky and whacky DJ Tillu’s character.


Neha Shetty is neatly presented in the movie. She looks glamorous and trendy without overexposure. There is confidence in her act that can’t be missed. However, she goes missing in the second half.

Brahmaji, Prince and Narra Srinu play the other supporting roles. Brahmaji is alright among them. The rest don’t have anything impactful. Pragati appearing in a more minor part is impressive compared to them. Kireeti Damaraju is seen in an inconsequential role. The less said about others, the best.

Music and Other Departments?

Sricharan Pakala and Ram Miriyala (title track) provide the music. It is alright. But, the real highlight here is Thaman’s background score. It is excellent. The proceedings are elevated with the BGM that is in tune with the movie’s whacky tone and youth-mass vibe. Sai Prakash Ummadisingu’s cinematography is alright, and so is Navin Nooli’s editing.


DJ Tillu’s Characterization
First Half


Second Half
Poorly Written Supporting Parts
Weak Comedy Blocks (Hospital Track)
Wafer Thin Story

Alternative Take

Some focus on supporting roles could have helped evolve the story in a better direction and provided a better situation to deliver the comedy.

Did I Enjoy It?


Will You Recommend It?

Yes, for a passable fun watch

DJ Tillu Movie Review by Siddartha Toleti

<strong>Final Report:

After a very entertaining first half, the second half ends on an average note. It is because it runs out of comedy and exposes the wafer-thin story. Still, DJ Tillu is an easy one-time watch for all the fun.</strong>

—DJ Tillu comes to an end. Final report shortly.

— Tillu – Raja Ravindra’s brief but important episode could have been more convincing.

— The comedy is back on track. Senior actress Pragathi is a refreshing choice for the judge role, the way it’s written.

— The hospital comedy (lengthy track) is going off track.

— DJ Tillu second half started. Tillu’s confusion continues with his girlfriend Radhika.

<strong>First Half Report:

DJ Tillu’s whacky characterisation and dialogues are superb. His body language and exchanges will have an instant connection with the youth. Siddhu utilizes the opportunity well and makes it count big time, living up to expectations.

Thaman’s trippy BGM in sync with the theme also deserves the credit for taking the film to the next level.

On the flip side, the story is pretty simple. If the second half maintains the same vibe, DJ Tillu could be a winner.</strong>

— Shanon (Actor Prince) enters the show.

— Radhika and Tillu run into a serious trouble. There’s a murder involved.

— Tillu and Radhika (Neha) seeing each other right from the night they have met.

— Few minutes into the show, it’s time for DJ Tillu title song. The vibe is perfectly set.

— DJ Tillu show started with Siddu’s characterization and how he is unique.

<strong>DJ Tillu Movie Review, U.S. Premier updates will begin shortly. Stay tuned.</strong>

The much-awaited youthful entertainer starring Siddhu Jonnalagadda is all set to hit the big screens on February 12th. It is a perfect movie for Valentine’s Day weekend.

Ever since the teaser of DJ Tillu came out, it has grabbed attention. The characterisation of DJ Tillu has had an instant connection with the youth. They are waiting keenly to catch it on the big screens.

Barring Guntur Talkies (in 2016) Siddhu Jonnalagadda doesn’t have any semblance of success to talk about. With DJ Tillu, he could be looking at his career biggest theatrical success if the word of mouth comes out positive.

Apart from Siddhu’s character the curiosity over the story and hit title track are other reasons for anticipation of the movie. There is a good buzz surrounding the movie and it’s already reflected in the pre-release business, as well.

Vimal Krishna directs the movie. Siddhu provides the dialogues and shares credit with Vimal Krishna on the story and screenplay. Neha Shetty plays the female lead in the film. Suryadevara Naga Vamsi produces the flick on the Sithara Entertainments banner.

Mirchi9, as always will give you a ‘first-on-net’ DJ Tillu review genuinely and honestly. Watch this space for our updates on the movie.