Disco Raja Movie Review - BOTTOM LINE
Sci-Fi Coated Routine Revenge Drama


UA – 2 hrs 29 mins

What Is the Film About?
People close to Vasu (Ravi Teja) are searching for him as he goes missing. Meanwhile, a group of scientists dig out a look like in freezing conditions. Are the two related? If not who is the doppelganger and where do Disco Raja (Ravi Teja) fit into all this is what the movie is all about?

Disco Raja Movie Review -Ravi Teja’s Performance
Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja is in his elements, as always. He gives his hundred percent, and the effortless energy is visible all the time. The only difference with Disco Raja is the new setting and get-up given to the actor with a renewed swag. Ravi Teja nails everything. There is absolutely nothing to complain, but at the same time, nothing makes one go wow as an audience leaving aside the fans who should find the ‘swag’ more than enough.

Disco Raja Movie Review -Direction by Vi Anand?
Director Vi Anand has a knack of picking an interesting set up and core point for his films right from his debut. Using the ‘fresh point’ as a base, he has been weaving a routine entertainer around it. The extent of success of his film depends on the level; the freshness of the ‘core point’ is utilised. And routineness is minimised.

So, in Disco Raja we have sci-fi angle. The setup and the dialogues around it lend weight and give an edge to the proceedings initially. There are a neat build-up and suspense factor generated around it. The opening block, for example, is visually stunning and ups the intrigue quotient. It makes one geared up for what is to follow next.

What we get immediately is routine entertainment. We have the usual comedy by a set of comedians and then the character artists doing their bits. The whole build-up and its impact are brought down several notches instantly.

The interval bang, as a result, lacks the impact it should have. The happening before it makes the audience foresee what is in the store beforehand or wait for the eventuality to happen sooner. So, when the expected happens, there is only a relief instead of a thrill.

The second half entirely eschews the sci-fi angle, and we get into a routine gangster drama. The retro-set up is alright. But the getup, which is so obviously trying to come across as KGF, fails. One gets a feeling of poor man’s version with the way things transpire on screen.

Soon, the routine gangster drama leads to a much more regular love story. The track involving Helen (Payal Rajput) has a lovely number, but that’s it. We get more runoff the mill content and finally, a twist that feels so needless and unnecessary. The ‘actor’ involved does his part sincerely, but once again, the impact is missing. The stretched climax with an attempt to blend humour doesn’t work as the makers might have expected.

It brings us to what we said above regarding the amount of freshness and routine content. Unlike the previous attempts, routineness dominates the freshness, and hence Disco Raja ends up as below average fare despite all the glitz.

Disco Raja Movie Review -Payal Rajput, Nabha Natesh, Tanya Hope and Others?
The heroines, Nabha Natesh, Tanya Hope and Paayal Rajput, cover different segments of the story. They appear in those parts and then disappear only to reappear towards the end. Nabha Natesh and Payal Rajput still manage to impress due to their visually appealing presentation in a couple of songs.

Among the rest, Bobby Simha has a big part. He does all he can within the scope provided to him. Unfortunately, there is not enough meat to rise above the given material. Sunil plays his usual comedic part seen in his comeback trail. There ending takes a different route which has to be seen on the big screen.

There are many comedians to name, but only Vennela Kishore stands out. He is in terrific form, and that helps in making the routine come across as decent. Sathya, on the other hands, fails big time. The rest of the actors are alright.

Majili Review, Majili Movie Review, Majili Telugu Movie Review, RatingsMusic and Other Departments?
The man of the moment, S Thaman has given a couple of chartbuster numbers. They are also shot well. The background score is at a decent level, though. There are a few moments where it stands out, but overall the same level of intensity isn’t maintained. The cinematography is excellent and gives the movie a rich look. The editing could have been better concerning the tone. The writing is below par. It is also one of the main reasons for the lack of strong impression even in the appealing portions.

Disco Raja Movie Review -Highlights?
Ravi Teja
Core Sci-fi Concept
Opening Block
Parts of the First Half

Disco Raja Movie Review -Drawbacks?
Routine Story
Fails to Utilize the Explosive Sci-Fi Angle
Second Half

Disco Raja Movie Review -Alternative Take

Did I Enjoy It?
In parts

Will You Recommend It?
With huge reservations

Disco Raja Review by Siddartha Toleti

Disco Raja Movie Review -

First Half Report:

The second half makes the first half feel much better than what it is. Disco Raja turns into a routine revenge saga via the sci-fi route. The novelty runs out soon, and the whole thing ends with the feeling of stretched beyond necessity due to an extended climax. Watch out for our honest review, coming very soon.

– After an over stretched Climax, Disco Raja comes to an end. Final report shortly, stay tuned.

– Gangster Disco Raja’s love track with Payal Rajput is taking majority of the time in the second half after the gangster rivalry.

– Sethu (Bobby Simha) and Disco Raja’s rivalry flashback is being shown.

– Disco Raja second half started. Raja goes to Chennai in search of his memories.

First Half Report:

The suspense factor holds the narrative together in the first half despite an ordinary level of entertainment. The opening is superb and the interval bang is alright making Disco Raja an average fare, so far. The second half holds key now to see where Disco Raja ends, eventually.

– Twist revealed. Disco Raja (Ravi Teja) enters. First half report shortly.

– It’s time for Vasu’s (Ravi Teja) Delhi flashback. More characters like Nabha Natesh, Naresh etc introduced.

– Relive (bio lab) secretly researching a project to bring life into a dead human. For the first time in the history a dead man Ravi Teja is alive in this lab. Parineeti (Tanya Hope) and Vennela Kishore are part of this highly secretive research project.

– Disco Raja show started. The shows opens with a crime scene in Ladakh. Ravi Taja says ‘the game has just begun’.

Disco Raja US Premier live updates will begin shortly. Stay tuned!

Preview: Disco Raja

Mass Maharaja, Ravi Teja desperately needs a super hit movie to his credit as he needs to keep up his market from falling down, further. ‘Disco Raja‘ seems to be promising for two reasons. The first one, is of course,the director and the second one is the teaser.

Director Vi Anand’s reputation as a filmmaker who can come up with different subjects is one of those things that is keeping Ravi Teja’s fans intrigued hoping that this movie would be one of those movies that could bring back the Mass Maharaja to his earlier form.

Coming to the teaser of the film, it was definitely promising and gave big hope for the movie lovers that the director might have used the actor’s full potential as a mass hero. However, the makers surprised us with no theatrical trailer at the pre-release event.

Disco Raja’ has a crispy run-time, i.e., 149 minutes and was certified with a ‘U/A’. Everything seems to be good superficially, the rest depends upon the content.

Did Vi Anand deliver an interesting narrative to satisfy the hunger of the star’s die-hard fans? It’s time to know. We’ll get back to you with genuine ‘Disco Raja’ review by our mirchi9 team. Keep watching this space, folks!