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A Bland Drama That Neither Thrills Nor Titilates



Dirty Hari Telugu - Movie -ReviewWhat Is the Film About?
Hari (Shravan Reddy) is an ambitious guy who comes to Hyderabad to become rich. Slowly his networking and luck enable him to make friends with a wealthy family headed by Ravi Shankar. Vasudha (Ruhani Sharma), his daughter falls in love with Hari.

Meanwhile, during the family gathering and other occasions, Hari starts developing feelings towards Jasmine (Simrat Kaur). She is the girlfriend of Aakash, cousin of Vasudha. What happens when Hari is totally smitten head over heels for Jasmina, and how it ends is what the movie is all about?

How Is Shravan Reddy’s Performance?
Shravan Reddy is neat casting for the role. He looks the part of an outsider to city culture also shows little attitude required for the character body language-wise. Confidence and fear are portrayed adequately. The dramatic acting skills need improvement, but it is passable here. The critical of the thing missing here is the X-factor.

For a newcomer, Shravan Reddy has done a decent job, especially considering the content he has in hand. We have to see further to see what else could be done by him.

Dirty Hari Telugu Movie -ReviewDirection by MS Raju?
Senior producer MS Raju has dabbled at the direction in the past. Dirty Hari is his third and what looks like a most desperate attempt to make a comeback. He has come up with a raunchy tale of love and deceit to woo the audience.

Thanks to the promotions, right from the start, we know which direction Dirty Hari is going to take. Also, the opening further makes it clear. It is, therefore, difficult to hold the attention of the audience with predictable stuff that happens for the first one hour.

Nothing new or shocking or revealing takes place until the interval. It is a linear progression of a predictable set of sequences. The hope here is to hold the attention with the sexually charged scenes, but that doesn’t happen.

It is the post-intermission part that has some content going for it. The Hari and Jasmine relationship could have been explored in a new angle. What we get is nothing new. Similarly, Vasudha could have been more involved in the proceedings.

Certain tweaking to the plot would have not only added spice but also give a lot more scope to thrill. There is a neat set up for it, but MS Raju flounder’s it at the story level itself. The handling of some of the critical moments and acting there becomes secondary due to the story.

Dirty Hari, besides all the promotional content, is all about the last half an hour. It is here that the director believes all his aces lies. The problem is the same should have come at the start of the second half itself. Whatever happens here comes a little too late. The rest of the (expected) impact is lost in the execution.

It is only the final twist that registers. It is nice, even though expected. But it had enough scope to be expanded and taken in a non-stop thriller action mode. The game of chess that has been used a motif initially indicating the strength of the hero could have been appropriately explored with the extension. Alas! All we have now is ‘could-have’ and ‘should-have’ sort of scenario.

Overall, Dirty Hari is a wasted opportunity. If titillating scenes is all you need, the promotional material is the most you get. As a film, it fails to be a decent b-movie (offering enough ‘sexually’ charged content) or a proper erotic thriller with enough twists and turns.

Dirty Hari TeluguMovie ReviewRuhani Sharma, Simrat Kaur and Others?
Both the heroines, Ruhani Sharma and Simrat Kaur, are given decent roles. However, when it comes to impact, the latter has a better scope. She does well initially, but in the key moments, she is loose cannon. The drama is lost due to the lack of control and writing.

Ruhani has her moment, but it seems a bit too late. It could be why she picked the role in the first place. She suits the part though and is another well-cast artist.

The rest of the actors have no proper roles. They are only part of the narrative to extend the run time. There are some known faces among them, and yet they have nothing significant.

Music and Other Departments?
The music by Mark K Robin is a standout element of the film. The background score especially is fabulous. It is one of the primary reasons to continue with the proceedings.

The cinematography by MN Baalreddy is alright. There are shots which look good, but overall the same quality is not maintained. The editing by Junaid Siddiqui is a mixed bag. There are parts which are abruptly cut and lack flow. The writing is bland and is another major disappointment.

Dirty Hari Telugu Movie ReviewHighlights?
Background Score
Climax Twist
Casting Of Main Leads

First Half (including Interval)
Weak Story
Bland Narrative

Alternative Take
No, barring A Few Parts

Did I Enjoy It?

Will You Recommend It?

Dirty Hari Movie Review by Siddartha Toleti

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