Dil Deewana Review

Dil Deewana ReviewBOTTOM LINE
The acting ruins.

RUN TIME – 2h 6m, “U” Certified.

Oh-No Rating

Dil Deewana Review
What is “Dil Deewana” about?
Dil Deewana as the title would suggest is yet another love story that is being made today that have two or more love stories connected together. Here in Dil Deewana its about the love stories of Satya and Santosh. The problems they faced and how a solution is achieved in the end.

How is Lead actors’s performance?
Performances from the lead actors Raj Arun and Rohit leave a lot to be desired. The film is fairly simple and gives nothing complicated or serious for the actors to emote. it’s a fairly regular deal but both the lead actors squander the opportunity.

Dil Deewana ReviewWhat about Thumma Kiran’s direction?
Direction by newcomer Kiran Kumar is fine in that he puts across what is there to be put across clinically on screen with decent technical output. But has he got the required impact with what he has put on screen, the answer would be an absolute no. He has got the right situation but the way the final outcome is delivered is very amateurish. A lot of it to do with the kind of actors he has got while some of it like the whole fake accident sequence in the second half is his fault as well. All said and done it’s the director responsibility to see them through and he has failed in that aspect.

dil-deewana_reviewOther artists performance?
Abha Singhal (Sri) has got better character when compared to Neha Deshpande (Divya). But the way she enacts the crucial sequences, all the impact is lost. Divya in comparison is a simpler character and she has nothing there to really act. Apart from these main lead characters there are couple of well known comedians who are the one’s actually running the show. They are Dhanraj and Venu, they play characters that are easily likable and provide all the fun in the film. Especially Venu is hilarious in few scenes. Nagababu is alright as usual.

Ram-NarayanaHow is Music, Songs and other departments?
Music by Ram Narayan is fine given the kind of production it is. There is a quality in it but the sameness of sound can be felt among films of these kinds and this one doesn’t stand out. Background music is okay. Cinematography is good in patches and editing is decent.

Dil Deewana Review
Venu and Dhanraj Second half
Short run time Acting
Predictable ending

Second half
Predictable ending

Paisa ReviewWhat about the box office performance of the film?
The film is a non starter to begin with and the way its turned out, there is no rising.

Did I enjoy it?

Will you recommend it?


Oh-No Rating
Reviewed by Siddhartha

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