nandamuri Balakrishna dictator reviewBOTTOM LINE
Director is wrong.


‘U/A’ 156 mins.

Bala krishna dictator reviewWhat is the film about?
Chandu (Balakrishna) is living an ordinary life when things are disturbed with the arrival of a girl in his life. It soon leads to a messy situation that brings alive his past. What is the past and how he faces it what the film all about.

How is Balakrishna’s performance?
Balakrishna plays a character with two variations. One is a silent going man who wants no trouble and the other is at the center of the troubles. He livens the proceedings in the latter avatar but not so much while being the simpleton.

Bala krishna dictator reviewDirection By Sriwas?
The film is a failure on screenplay and direction levels which are handled by Sriwas. The direction is weak with scenes lacking any spark or energy. They just go through motions. This can be best felt with the interval block of the film which had so much potential but is ultimately ineffective due to poor execution.

There are few moments post interval with the introduction of Anjali and Rati Agnihotri characters, the film feels like gaining momentum but it again goes about in its mundane way to the climax leaving one exhausted. In the end it’s a below par product even within director Sriwas’s oeuvre.

Bala krishna dictator reviewAnjali, Sonal Chauhan and others?
Anjali has a brief but important role in the film and she plays it well without going too over the top. Sonal Chauhan too doesn’t go overboard but there is nothing much in her character to create an impact except for the glam show in a song. Aksha is wasted in an inconsequential role.There are number of artists who are on the negative side, most of them walk in designer clothes, smoking cigarettes but none have an impactful presence. It is reserved to Rati Agnihotri for few moments but even that is wasted immediately.

Apart from them there is a bunch of supporting actors including comedians like Suman, Nassar, Kasi Vishwanath, Pavitra Lokesh, Posani Krishna Murali, Sayaji Shinde, Prudhvi, Prabhas Seenu, Shakalaka Shankar etc. As can felt while reading they only add to length and act as mere screen fillers rather than doing anything significant or memorable.

Bala krishna dictator reviewMusic and other departments?
Music by SS Thaman is par for course with one song standing out. Background score by Chinna is loud and mostly recycled effort. Cinematography is alright. Editing should have been sharper, the film feels too lengthy. Choreography of songs is forgettable. Dialogues are mostly poor.

Bala krishna dictator reviewHighlights?
First fight scene of Balakrishna.
Few confrontation scenes with villains.

Hackneyed narration.

Bala krishna dictator reviewAlternative Take
Well as many might know by now, the film is a local adaptation of Hollywood movie Equalizer. So there you have an alternative take already. Give it a try once.

Did I enjoy it?
Very little.

Will you recommend it?
Only to die hard Balayya fans.

Dictator Review by Siddhartha