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Dharma Yogi Movie Review

dhanush-dharma-yogi-reviewBOTTOM LINE
Mildly Engaging Political Thriller


‘U’ Certified, 140 mins.

dhanushWhat is the film about?
It’s all about politics. Yogi (Dhanush) with his hard work and trusting nature rises rapidly in ranks in a political party. He always takes on any problem head on in an angry manner. Dharma (Dhanush) is exactly opposite, he is all brains and very little brawns. What happens when the ambitions of others come in their way is what the film is all about.

How is Dhanush’s performance?
Dhanush is good as usual. His two personas are used as two different roles in the film. He is fine in both the roles. He shows the variation between the two characters neatly. He is also fine with action sequences too. The simple, regular family sequences involving mother are sure to remind old films from the actor.

durai-senthilkumarDirection By Durai Swamy?
Director has a very interesting and commercial plot in hand. He could have made it a grand political thriller but Dharma Yogi is not made that way. It simply is the story of two brothers Dharma and Yogi. Politics happen around and involving them.

The first half of the film is interesting with a good flow till the interval. The interval sequence is neatly handled and makes for a gripping viewing. The problem starts in the second half, there are good plot twists but they would have made a better impact in more capable actor’s hand. The spark that is needed for the elevation of a certain character is missing and this, in turn, brings the film down several notches.

The political initially appear interesting but soon turn repetitive and predictable. One can guess what’s going to happen and foresee some twists way before they occur. It could still be engagingly executed like the one involving a police and Trisha. But that is not the case where it is most required. Overall, Dharma Yogi ends up as a pretty average film that is mildly engaging.

trisha-krishnanTrisha and others?
Among the rest of the cast, Trisha gets an important role in terms of impact even though she has less screen time. Given her importance, she could have done so much more. Anupama Parameswaran is fine in a supporting lead role. She too has a small but important role that has a connect to the basic story of the film. Saranya has played another mother role with good ease and charm that we expect from her. Rest of the cast too fits perfectly for their roles but none stand out.

music-directorMusic and other departments?
Music by Santosh Narayanan is below par. The background score is better in comparison. The cinematography is neat. Editing should have been better. VFX used to cover Tamil on screens is terrible and is a distraction in many scenes. Dialogues are alright.


Silly politics in second half
Predictable and weak climax

trisha-krishnan-dhanush-dharma-yogiAlternative Take
More meat for the politics in the second half with a possibility of an anti-climax, if treated in a more realistic way.

Did I enjoy it?
Yes, for the most part.

Will you recommend it?
Yes but with reservations.

Dharma Yogi Review by Siddhartha

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