DevaDas Movie ReviewBOTTOM LINE
Bromance Works Everything Else Doesn’t


U/A Certified, 2 hrs 44 mins.

Nagarjuna AkkineniWhat Is the Film About?
Das (Nani) is an honest doctor whose only ambition is to save lives. One day, he accidentally saves Deva (Nagarjuna) in the process. It leads to the formation of a formidable bond between the two. However, an incident separates them. What is the conflict and how its resolved is what the movie is all about?

How Is Nagarjuna & Nani’s Performance?
Nagarjuna and Nani are the two leads in the movie. The former plays a star, larger than life role whereas the latter is supporting emotional anchor.

Coming to the individual parts, Akkineni Nagarjuna is a treat to watch in the movie. He is stardom personified. He hasn’t done anything new here that we haven’t seen before, but what he does onscreen he makes sure there is an unmissable aura and attitude around it.

Nani plays his usual middle-class guy types, but as always, he is in his elements. The contrast is important here for the narrative and that’s where Nani shines. As said before, he is the emotional anchor and for the movie to work, his act is important. He does his part well.

Director Sriram AdityaDirection by Sriram Aditya?
DevaDas is Sriram Aditya‘s third film after Bhale Manchi Roju and Shamantakamani. As far as the story is concerned, it continues the wafer-thin plots of the previous outings. However, unlike others, DevaDas is weakest concerning the screenplay.

The movie starts interestingly, but one feels it is losing track as soon as the Deva track begins. It looks abrupt to the proceedings going on at that point. Still, one is ready to give it a pass as the narrative feels in sync when Deva and Das meet. As long as they are together, everything looks alright.

The issues start to creep with the various subplots that are part of the narrative. They feel like an add-on and increasing length. The Das and Pooja love story, for example, is so jarring. It is the same case with Deva and Janhvi love story.

The entertainment, however, is still alive and it helps things to move along and not make the whole narrative tiresome. And that’s how three-fourths of the movie takes place relying on comedy and one-liners. And suddenly, the need to conclude the whole thing raises and the cancer plot is introduced. It feels so contrived and fake. We know why its there and the purpose and the predictability makes the rest of the film boring and tiring watch.

So, there you have it, the bromance and comedy keep things afloat until a point the director realises it has to end. It leaves us with an unsatisfactory feeling when coming out. DevaDas is not a bad movie, but it could have been much better with solid writing and plotting. The subplots involving the syndicate, the love stories, they are all trash and leaves the narrative disjointed. If watching Nagarjuna and Nani on screen with little entertainment thrown around is all that you need then DevaDas has that in plenty. For others, it is an average fare at best.

Akanksha SinghRashmika and Others?
There are two heroines in the movie, Aakansha and Rashmika, and both are wasted. They have nothing sort of roles and less screentime. The songs are a bit of relief but that’s it. Kunal Kapoor is terribly wasted which is the same case with Vennela Kishore. The rest of the cast is filled with usual faces, Sathya, Naresh, Venu, Murali Sharma, Prudhvi, and Rao Ramesh, who all do their jobs adequately in the given small parts. In the recent, DevaDas must be the only biggie where there is a presence of so many known faces and yet none make a lasting impression.

Music Director Mani SharmaMusic and Other Departments?
Music by Mani Sharma is alright with a couple of songs being really good. It is the background score where he stands out as is expected of him. The cinematography is neat. The editing is bad at times, otherwise, it is decent. The writing is alright.

Nag-Nani Bromance
Lighter Moments

Weak Story
Pre-climax and Climax
Various Subplots

Rashmika Mandanna-DevadasAlternative Take
Integrating the syndicate angle is a better way into the narrative would have done wonders.

Did I Enjoy It?
In parts

Will You Recommend It?
Yes but with reservations

DevaDas Review by Siddartha

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Final Report:

With a weak narrative involving poorly sketched plot, the desi rework of Analyze This, DevaDas fails to deliver a satisfying product. It rests solely on the Nagarjuna and Nani’s bromance. Visit back for our frank and detailed review soon.

– After an usual fight, DevaDas ends on a fun note. Final report shortly.

– An emotional kid episode brings change in Deva. India’s most wanted criminal Deva goes live on a Tv channel to address his friend Dasu and public.

– Dasu parted ways with Deva after an incident.

– Deva and Dasu become thick friends and both are trying for their love interest.

– DevaDas second half started. Deva (Nag) and Jahnavi (Aakanksha)’s love started to blossom.

First Half Report:

DevaDas first half is passable. While Deva’s (Nag) character is stereotype, Dasu’s (Nani) character tries hard to bring some humor. Rashmika has very little to do so far, and Vennela Kishore is totally wasted in the first half. Overall, average so-far.

– Dasu (Nani) starts treating Deva (Nag) as a friend, he wants to change the don Deva by bringing his love interest Jahnavi into his life.

– Dasu falls for Pooja (Rashmika) at first sight. Deva too has a one-sided love story with Aakanksha (Jahnavi). Meanwhile, a rich businessman leading the dons syndicate making plans to kill Deva.
Police is also searching for Deva.

– Deva (Nag) gets a bullet shot. Doctor Dasu (Nani) treats him without informing the police. Deva is impressed with his sincerity and appointments him as a MD (Mafia Doctor). Innocent Dasu is now stuck in Deva’s hands.

– Deva (Nag) makes a shirtless entry with a Ganesh Chaturthi song, he kills a rival.

– A syndicate of goons join hands together and kill Sarath Kumar. He raises Deva (Nag) since he was kid. Sarath Kumar’s son Ajay (Naveen Chandra) is also a part of the muder plan.

– Vennela Kishore works in the same hospital as a psychiatrist.

– Dasu is an innocent doctor, runs into a problem on his first day of work itself because of his overenthusiastic behavior. Rao Ramesh appoints him in martury block.

– A simple and funny entry for doctor Dasu (Nani).

– DevaDas show started. Title cars show the raise of a don Deva in several illegal activities.

DevaDas US premier live updates will begin at 3.30 AM IST (6pm EST).

Nagarjuna and Nani, two names that emanate positive vibes are coming as a combo promising a laughter riot in the name of ‘DevaDas‘. So far, everything is positive and good for the movie with a good teaser, well-cut theatrical trailer and proper promotional strategies creating expectations on the entertainer.

Interestingly, for both Nag and Nani, it’s the movie that is coming after a couple of disappointments. It looks as if they are going to erase those disappointments and that would be directly proportional to the content that the young director has in store for us.

Here, director Aditya Sriram will be the focal point that would be deciding the fate of ‘DevaDas’ as Nag and Nani might have done their part quite convincingly in the movie (Can we even doubt their prowess as actors?). They gave their best as a team, including publicity. The sword is literally hanging on the director’s head and it’s time to know if he had made use of the two powerhouses of natural talent.

The music, the cinematography, the heroines Rashmika Mandanna and Akanksha Singh and all other things will definitely add as assets to the movie only if the director has something really entertaining for the audiences. All said and done, ‘DevaDas’ is coming at a time when audiences had a couple of dull weekends and if the content is bang on, there wouldn’t be any stopping for it.

Will this Nag-Nani combo hit the right point and entertain the audiences as was the case with the trailer? It’s time to know if Aditya Sriram had dealt with a story that in a real sense is meant for entertainment with the terrific combo Nag-Nani?

Keep watching this space. Our team will be back with a genuine ‘DevaDas’ movie review. Stay tuned, folks!