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Overindulgent But Fun


‘U/A’ Certified, 2 hrs 36 mins.

VishalWhat is the film Detective about?
Detective Advait Bhusan (Vishal) picks up the case of a small boy whose dog got killed. Where does this case lead him and what happens, in the end, is what the film is all about?

How is Vishal’s performance?
The character of the Detective needs a distinctive screen presence swag and wit, Vishal lacks on all that fronts. But the good thing is he gives his best. He sincerely tries his best to fit into the character, and although the shortcomings are apparent, he must be lauded for his effort. Vishal was effortless in the action scenes which come naturally to him.

Shanmugha RajaDirection By Mysskin?
Director Mysskin has a unique eye for detail and a singular vision. He films stand out from the crowd quite comfortably. However, with Detective, although he picks up a different theme, he is entering into the commercial terrain, but at the same time, he tries hard to retain his touch. The end product is, therefore, an inconsistent narrative that has its high points.

Although there is nothing in common, Detective is a movie in the same vein as Mask, the director attempt at a Superhero movie. The good thing is in comparison to Mask, the current film is far better, but remember, it is only when seen in relation. Mysskin avoids the major pitfalls of Mask and sharpens up Detective with precision.

However, Detective comes with its own set of problems. The film, for starters, is too long. There are certain scenes which drag needlessly, and there are sequences where the director indulgences at the risk of audience alienation. The second half has major issues in this regard. The climax, although neatly done feels entirely out of place and from a different movie, altogether. Still, for the effort and hard work on giving a fresh content, Detective is an easy one time watch, provided the audience is patient enough.

Anu EmmanuelAnu Emmanuel and others?
Anu Emmanuel has a short screen time but she has the scope to perform and is not the usual filler heroine kind of role we see usually in commercial films. Prasanna as side kick to hero is as essential as hero and he shines. Vinay as a cold-blooded killer is superb. One would find it hard to believe that he is the same guy who played soft romantic roles in the past. Bhagyaraj surprises us big time as the old age person. He is unrecognizable. Andrea Jeremiah is given a deadly look to walk around. The rest of the characters are perfect for the respective roles.

Arrol CorelliMusic and other departments?
There are no songs barring the title track which comes in bits and pieces. The background score by Arrol Corelli is terrific and carries a particular mood. The cinematography is excellent and helps in establishing the tone of the film ideally. Editing is sharp, and dialogues are adequate for the proceedings.

Background score

Few unnecessary scenes

PrasannaAlternative Take
An alternative take for a Detective movie would be to get a different case, that’s it. Here the central plot is solid. The only issue is the length which needs trimming.

Did I enjoy it?

Will you recommend it?
Yes but with little reservation.

Detective Review by Siddartha Toleti

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Detective Telugu Movie Review
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