Dear Megha ReviewBOTTOM LINE
Routine Rom-Com With Bland Making


‘U’ Certified, 2h 1m.

Megha Akash - Dear Megha movie ReviewWhat Is the Film About?
Meghna Swaroop falls in love with Arjun, the super stud in her college. However, it is one-sided, and she never expresses her feelings to him.

A few months after completing engineering, Meghana finds that Arjun is in the same apartment as her. Soon they develop a relationship and eventually fall in love. Life, however, has different plans as tragedy strikes. A disturbed Meghana plans to commit suicide. That’s when Aadi enters her life and rekindles her broken spirit. How their story ends is the overall plot of the movie.

How Is Megha Aakash’s Performance?
Megha Aakash is the primary driving force of the narrative. She gets to play the central character for the first time in her career. However, Megha fails to make it a memorable one.

Director Sushanth Reddy - Dear Megha movie ReviewAnalysis ?
A Sushanth Reddy directs Dear Megha. It is a remake of the Kannada move Dia. The basic story of the film is related to love and life and making your time count as long as you live.

The story is simple and predictable, for the most part. Still, what makes the movie work is the screenplay. It is interesting and makes one look forward to the proceedings. What is further needed was solid and lively performances and writing to make it a winner.

Unfortunately, Dear Megha fails in the writing and performances department. One of the main lead characters is as insipid as one gets. It is particularly harmful in a love story. The chemistry never works no matter how much it is tried.

The first half an hour fails to engage as a result. When the story moves to Hyderabad and we are introduced to the second lead, momentum is seen in the proceedings. There is an effort to work out free-spirited chemistry here as well. It is not as bad as the previous one.

And just when we start to get warm-up to the actors, the interval arrives as a speed breaker. The expectations on a decent second half are set due to the actors.

The second half is where the actual content of Dear Megha lies. It is here the emotions and drama play out. The beginning is on predictable lines, but there are enough moments to engage as it moves forward.

So, is it all well, then? Well, it isn’t the case. The key moments are rushed. The realisation of love between the second pair is poorly handled. The emotional connection, as a result, is missing. Still, it is to the credit of the screenplay and basic story that an ‘emotion’ is carried when it reaches pre-climax. The wedding sequence is a prime example.

The climax, despite the rushed making, is well on its way to reaching the desired result. The sentiments do work, even if it’s not as good as they should. And then, the unexpected ending takes place and spoils the whole mood. An ‘unexpected’ ending just for the sake of it is always a turn-off, and that’s what happens with Dear Megha at the end.

Overall, Dear Megha has its moments in the second half. It makes for a passable rom-com. But, the ending spoils it. Give it a try if you don’t mind unusual endings within the regular rom-com space.

Adith Arun - Dear Megha movie Review Megha Akash Others?
Adith Arun and Arjun Somayajulu play the other two vital roles in the movie apart from the heroine. Both are fine looks-wise, but when it comes to the performance, Adith Arun is better. He also gets a part that is easily likeable and has scope for good dramatic moments. Aditha doesn’t impress much during the ending parts. However, full props to him for trying, though. Arjun Somayajulu has looks, but he has a terrible presence on screen. He is a significant liability in many pivotal moments. Among the rest, only Pavitra Lokesh has a decent role. She is okay in the available time.

Music Director Gowra HariMusic and Other Departments?
Gowra Hari provides the music. It has the right sound, but it lacks the soul. The background score is better comparatively. The cinematography by I Andrews is alright. Barring few parts, it is reasonably good for a small scale film. The editing could have been better. The writing is superficial and lacks depth. The actors delivering those lines also partly get the blame.

Arjun SomayajulaHighlights?
Simple But Effective Story
Short Length
Parts Of The Second Half

Lack of Chemistry
Rushed Making
No Emotional Connect

Alternative Take
A better casting for one of the male leads and improved writing would have taken Dear Megha to the next level.

Did I Enjoy It?
Yes, In Parts

Will You Recommend It?
Yes, But With Huge Reservations

Dear Megha Review by Siddartha Toleti