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Vishwak_Sen_Das_Ka_Dhamki_ReviewWhat Is the Film About?

Das and his friends work in a star hotel as waiters. One day Das sees Keerthy and falls in love, only to realise she thinks he is super rich. How does Das maintain a rich personality? Who is Sanjay Rudra, and how the two are connected is the movie’s overall plot.


First of all, we have to appreciate Vishwak Sen for the sheer effort he has undertaken in making Dhamki. It is risky and challenging for him.

Vishwak Sen plays a double role in the movie with contrasting shades. In the first half, the actor plays a simpleton with a simple and naive outlook and pleasures. He pulls off the part with ease and nothing to complain about. He also embeds his typical style, which is seen in his films.

The biggest challenge lies in the second half and the double role for Vishwak Sen. Here; we have to say it leaves one with mixed feelings. The effort is visible, but it is nonetheless not enough. The lack of experience in pulling off such a role shows. Again, he didn’t spoil the part, but the problem is that he failed to take it to the next level, which would leave an impact. Maybe a few years down the line, he would have pulled it off, but for now, it isn’t there.

Nivetha Pethuraj plays a typical heroine role oozing hotness. There is nothing much performance-wise, but she scores where it’s required for commercial purposes.


Vishwak Sen directs Dhamki and provides the screenplay and dialogues besides acting. He also produces the flick, which increases the further burden on him. The young actor has picked a good commercial potboiler subject for such a massive effort.

The first half of Dhamki goes smoothly without many hiccups. The setting and the comedy, with a few intriguing, tense moments related to the character and its identity, hold the attention.

The comedy had freshness in parts, but the story (first half) itself lacks the same. There is an air of predictability through the love track. But, despite the issue, it manages to hold attention at passable levels.

A twist in the tale occurs around the interval mark. It is decent and raises hopes in the second half on how the story will progress.

Unfortunately, Vishwak Sen loses the plot in the second half. One can’t help but think if Vishwak Sen overthought and overcooked the story to avoid comparisons with similar plots in the recent. Remember the immediate reactions when the promotions started?

The effort to make Dhamki stand out from the previous similar double role setup movies shows in the story. Vishwak Sen packs the narrative with twists and tweaks the dual role character to a great degree to make it different and highlight him as a performer. But, there is no conviction while doing all these. In the whole process, he fails as a director. One can sense the amateurishness in the making and handling the drama, especially the flashback.

The poor direction and many twists lead to a messy narrative further marred by editing. The frenetic pacing gives a rushed feeling. There is no engagement with the narrative, and the thrills don’t register at all. By the time one reaches the end, there is an exhaustive feeling.

Overall, Dhamki is passable as long as it stays on a mostly predictable commercial path. It is the action thriller twists filled second half where it derails and never comes back. Ultimately, it is neither proper commercial fare nor a taut action thriller leaving one disappointed on both counts.

Murali_Sharma_Leon_JamesPerformances by Others Actors

There are many known faces apart from the lead pair. Hyper Aadi and Rangasthalam Mahesh are the first set that impresses as Vishwak Sen’s friends. The writing helps them; with their timing, they land the punches and make the comedy work.

We then have the likes of Rao Ramesh, Ajay, Rohini, Prudhvi Raj etc. Among them, Rao Ramesh gets a significant role and is alright. The rest have small bits and pieces roles, and they go about their work routinely.

Music_Director_Leon_JamesMusic and Other Departments?

Leon James provides the music. The songs are already chartbusters, and they are shot well in the movie too. The peppy number arrives in the first half, whereas the raunchy mass single comes later. The background score is acceptable, but given the content, it doesn’t register after a point. It is lost in all the happenings on screen.

Dinesh K Babu’s cinematography is decent. The production values are decent, which helps the cause. Anwar Ali’s editing should have been better. The narrative has a messy feel, mainly during the second half. The writing is decent in the first half but loses the appeal and track during the second.


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Das Ka Dhamki Movie Review by M9News

Final Report:

The first half of Dhamki gives a routine but passable impression with a twist. It changes the whole tempo to an action thriller with nonstop twists blended with convoluted drama. The frequent twists twist the fate of Dhamki, regrettably.

First Half Report:

Dhamki’s first half majorly consists of a love track in a regular setup. Despite the familiarity, the entertainment works in parts, and there is a twist at the interval mark. The second half is crucial now to see where it ends finally.

— Das Ka Dhamki U.S. premiere started. Stay tuned for the first half report.

Stay tuned for Das Ka Dhamki Movie Review from first U.S. Premiere.

Casting: Vishwaksen, Nivetha Pethuraj, Rao Ramesh, Tarun Bhascker
Screenplay and Direction: Vishwaksen
Producer: Karate Raju
Music: Leon James
Story: Prasanna Kumar Bezawada
Cinematography: Dinesh K Babu
Editor: Anwar Ali
Banner: Vanmaye Creations & Vishwaksen Cinemas

Das Ka Dhamki Movie Review by M9News