Damarukam Review

Damarukam Review

Nagarjuna finally delivered a biggie.

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What is ‘Damarukam’ about?
Andhakasura is the lone survivor of asuras in the battle between Suras and Asuras. He comes to know that he could conqure entire world if he marries Maheswari (Anushka) who was born in an auspicious time when Pancha Graha Kootami takes place in the Universe.  When Andhakasura is in that pursuit, then enters our hero Malli (Nagarjuna) who is in love with Maheswari. And the rest of the story is who helps him in his fight with the evil and how he triumphs.

Is this a perfect Nagarjuna film?
For the first time in his career, Nagarjuna is doing a socio-fantasy entertainer. Unlike a hero-centric movies in Tollywood, Damarukam is backed by an excellent story and Nagarjuna had embedded himself in to the character. His dedication is clearly visible in the six pack sequence and Aghora scene.

How is Srinivas Reddy direction?
It is always tough to direct a star hero in Telugu and that to when directing a hero like Nagarjuna who is going down to horizon in his biggest budget movie is even tougher. And before this project, Srinivas Reddy has nothing to his credit as a director except this well written script. After watching the movie, it can be easily said that he has done good justice to his role in the movie.

How is Anushka?Anushka in Damarukam
Anushka looked prettier on screen as ever but she did not get to act much in the movie. Her styling is good and she easily got in to the skin of character. It would have been nice if the director had used her performance.

What about Graphics?
Graphics is certainly core component of any socio fantasy movie. Enough care is taken to get things right in aspect too. There were several moments in the film like the intro scene, Nandi scene and the climax scene have too good graphics.

What about the comedy and other actors?Brahmmanandam in Damarukam

Ravi Shankar is excellent as Andhakasura. His get up, voice modulation, body language and every thing are near to perfect. It is no exaggeration in saying he overshadowed Nagarjuna in several scenes.

There is some healthy comedy in the movie involving Brahmanandham, Raghu Babu, MS Narayana and others.

How is Music, Songs and Dances?
Devi Sri Prasad is one of the major assets of the movie. All the songs were chartbusters and equally good when seen on screen. His rerecording had taken the movie to next level. No doubt DSP had made his 50th movie monumental.
Nag in Damarukam movie

How is the Cinematography?
Camera work by Chota K Naidu is good. Being a senior lensman, he is the perfect choice for the sociofantasy movie. The grading and picture quality is excellent and colorful.

What are the highlights?
The starting moments of the movie, the scenes leading to Interval, Aghoras fight, Nandi scenes And the last 30 minutes of the movie are major highlight scenes in the movie.

Any Drawbacks?
There were few predictable moments in the movie. Few moments between Brahmi and Prakash Raj also looked pale.

What about its box office prospects?Damarukam Review

Towards the end of his career, Nagarjuna had bagged the much required success. The movie is well made and is expected to do good commercially. Given the huge money involved and unseason, we have to see what would be the range of the movie.

Did I enjoy it?


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