A Fine Thriller


‘U/A’ Certified, 1 hr 46 mins.

RahmanWhat is the film about?
A murder happens one rainy night. Different sets of people are involved in the crime. Who is the real murderer and how did the investigation happen is what the film is all about?

How is Rahman’s performance?
Rahman is a seasoned artist but he is mostly given character roles that have a short duration or is mostly related to the background when we are talking about Telugu cinema. Here, he gets a full-fledged role for a change and he delivers. He has different shades in the movie and he nails them all.

Director-Karthick-NarenDirection By Karthick Naren?
Karthick Naren has made a competent debut as a director. If the second movie is made with similar qualities on a big scale he would be without any doubt one of the most exciting directors to look forward to.

The movie might look complicated or taxing at the beginning but 16 has a simple plot when we look at things in hindsight once the movie is completed. It’s the tight screenplay that makes for an engaging view. A simple story is told in a way the hooks right from the beginning, till the very end.

The first half is perfectly set up to the big crime and reveal in the second half. The basic confusion is clearly explained in the second half but the core incident which it showcases lacks freshness. Also, the back and forth narrative and the ending is given to the opening track feels disappointing. Otherwise, the film is a good thriller for a one time watch. Visually, the way it’s executed makes the viewing very good.

Anjana-JayaprakashOther Artists Performance? ?
The film comprises of several actors who are mostly newcomers. They all fit the respective parts even though they are small. Sharath Kumar, for example, has a very small role but he looks and acts perfectly for the part given. Ashwin Kumar and Prakash Vijayaraghavan playing crucial roles do their part well.

music-directorMusic and other departments?
Jackes Bejoy has given terrific background score. The cinematography is excellent considering it is a low budget film. Editing is brilliant. Dialogues are good.


Weak ending
Niche appeal

Yaashika-AanandAlternative Take
A better final act with a fresh angle matching the overall freshness of the movie would have elevated the proceedings to a new level.

Did I enjoy it?

Will you recommend it?

16 Every Detail Counts Review Review by Siddhartha Toleti