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Outdated Fellow


2h 25m, ‘U/A’ Certified.

Aadi-Sai-Kumar-crazy-fellow-telugu-reviewWhat Is the Film About?
Abhi (Aadi Saikumar) is a carefree guy living with his elder brother and sister-in-law. He doesn’t believe in love at all. Madhumati (Digangana Suryavanshi), on the other hand, believes in love and hates Abhi for his careless attitude.

How do Abhi and Madhu fall in love through a dating app and their dual identities, Nani and Chinni? What happens when reality strikes and if there is a twist in the tale comprises the movie’s basic plot.

Aadi Saikumar is his usual self. There is no high or low; he breezes through the proceedings clinically. It is mainly a repetitive part done many times in the past by him. It’s why he literally sleepwalks. However, there is no big drama here or emotional moments. It’s a lighter vein fun role that is done adequately.

Digangana-Suryavanshi--crazy-fellow-telugu-reviewDigangana Suryavanshi looks alright. She plays a contemporary female who believes in true love. It is a decent role for a heroine in a routine commercial set-up. But, Digangana fails to impress. Her failure in the emotional moments is the main reason. In fact, she elevates the hero as an award-winning performer whenever they are seen together.

Mirnaa Menon is passable for the given part. She has a little drama towards the end, and it is done alright. There is nothing much besides it, as the character itself is half-baked and generically written.

Phani Krishna Siriki directs Crazy Fellow. He has picked a routine love drama with a confusing angle for his directorial.

Crazy Fellow doesn’t take time at all to remind that it’s an ancient tale. The opening sequences set things in motion with an execution that screams datedness.

The comedy, the writing, and the set-up takes us back to a decade and a half when such stories were in vogue. The core premise of true love is always relatable, but the way it is brought out in the narrative creates the impression of a trendy affair or an outdated one. Here, we get the latter.

The contrived dialogues further add to the trouble. There are some fun moments in between due to the sheer silliness in writing, but they are also few. The narrative sticks to a formula that further dents the prospects.

A twist in the tale occurs around the interval mark. It is alright, but nothing new. It comes out of the blue, which surprises uninitiated people, but there is nothing beyond it.

The second half continues the routine love drama post the twist. It is here that we have some decent moments, again, on predictable lines, though. There is, however, a minor curiosity to see where it all leads to.

After a point, the narrative is clearly about the ending. The actual climax is underwhelming after the decent build-up. The prominent villain-like character turns out to be a non-starter which is disappointing.

Overall, Crazy Fellow follows a tried and tested formulaic romantic drama plot. One can see where it’s headed miles away. The outdated execution kills any little appeal it could hold. In the end, the film is another addition to the hero’s long list of forgettable fares.

Mirnaa-Menon--crazy-fellow-telugu-reviewPerformances by Others Actors
There are limited character artists in the movie. Among them, Vinodhin Vaidyanathan and Anish Kuruvilla easily stand out. Both do well and stand out in key scenes. Vinodhini has a long part, and she is good. Narra Srinivas is effective in a routine part. Unfortunately, Sapthagiri is wasted. Still, it doesn’t compare to the way Pawan is misused. The rest of the actors are forgettable, playing inconsequential supporting parts.

Music and Other Departments?
RR Dhrvan’s music follows a template style for the songs. None work, though, even though the ‘sound’ is alright. The background score is comparatively better, but only in bits and pieces.

Sathish Mutyala’s cinematography adds to the dated vibe. It is functional and nothing more. Satya Giduturi’s editing is okay. The pace is there even when nothing happens. The dialogues add to the routine vibe. However, some of it clicks for the sheer silliness of it.

Some Fun Moments
BGM, At Times

Outdated Vibe
Routine Drama
Predictable Narrative

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