Courier Boy Kalyan ReviewBOTTOM LINE
Flat and boring.


‘U/A’ Certified, 104 mins.

Nithin Courier Boy Kalyan ReviewWhat is the film about?
How a courier boy gets unknowingly drawn into illegal drug manufacturing racket and busts it.

How is Nithin’s performance?
Nithin plays a calm, cool boy next door kind of role to perfection. There is not much of action but when it comes the actor is up to it. In dances he is fabulous as usual. Nothing to write home about real performances here as the story and the character doesn’t have scope for it.

Premsai Courier Boy Kalyan ReviewDirection By Premsai?
For a debut director Prem Sai has done an okay job. The film had to run on a tight screenplay to make an impact and that’s where the problem lies along with dialogues that fails to hook. Most of the first half is filled with lighter moments through the love track and this track doesn’t feel organically woven into the story and feels dragged.

In the second half one feels finally we will get into thick of things but before we know anything the film is completed. There is no second act in the film and the narrative just gets into the third act all of a sudden leaving us dissatisfied. Add to it the fact that the basic plot has very little footage devoted to it in terms of connect the entire film turns out to be one big disappointment.

Yamy Gautam Courier Boy Kalyan ReviewYaami Gautham and other artists?
Yami Gautam has a very sweet role that compliments well with Nithin’s equally sweet boy next door act. But this track has little beating to the actual plot which is a big downer. Aushutosh Rana whenever he appears display great presence and he makes one believe in his mumbo jumbo. Harshavardhan, Sureka Vani and Satyam Rajesh etc are given good roles but are underdeveloped. Sapthagiri is wasted.

Music and other departments?
Music by Karthik is pleasant to ears but in the film it clogs the narrative. Background music by Sandeep Chowta is fine. Dialogues are decent at best. Cinematography is okay and so is editing.

Highlights Courier Boy Kalyan ReviewHighlights?
Short length

Lack of depth in story
No strong conflict

Drawbacks Courier Boy Kalyan ReviewAlternative Take
Length of the film is no problem provided the narrative sticks to the main point without any deviation and that is how an alternative take on the subject could be arrived at. A film that is on the main track involving the doctors and the courier boy. One could here add the heroine or sister track as sub plot to it making one root for the main protagonist.

Did I enjoy it?

Will you recommend it?

Courier Boy Kalyan Review by Siddhartha