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CoCo Kokila Review, CoCo Kokila Movie Review, Ratings

Quirky Crazy Ride


‘UA’ Certified, 2 hrs 02 mins

CoCo Kokila Review, CoCo Kokila Movie Review, RatingsWhat Is the Film ‘CoCo Kokila‘ About?
Kokila (Nayanthara) comes to know that her mother has cancer. She needs big money to save her that can’t be afforded reasonably. What Kokila does to get the money and keep her mother alive and where it leads her entire family is what the movie is all about?

How Is Nayanthara’s Performance?
Nayanthara is the heart and soul of the movie. She is terrific in an author-backed role. She plays her character correctly understanding it inside out. Many scenes reflect her acting command and underscore her brilliance in acting.

The most obvious is the body language. Compare this with Nayanthara’s outing in the movie Karthavyam to know the meaning of versatility. The choice of roles and script needs to be commended.

CoCo Kokila Review, CoCo Kokila Movie Review, RatingsDirection by Nelson Dilipkumar?
Nelson is making his debut with CoCo Kokila, and he has come up with a fantastic subversive tale of the women in distress plagued with problems. The central character Kokila is faced with leeches are every step, and everyone has only one thing in mind. The way the screenplay integrates all the cliché tropes of a sentimental tearjerker and does a three-sixty degrees turn with it is impressive.

The pace of the movie is slow, and things might look too simplistic and silly at times, but the narrative never loses its grip. There is entertainment coming up in unexpected ways. Though the situations the characters are get depressing, the director never lets it become sympathetic.

The beginning few minutes takes time to get used to as various characters are established at a languid pace. Once, the first big turn arrives, things move at a quick pace. The interval doesn’t feel like a bang and merely a comma in an on-going story. The second half continues the momentum with neat twists and turns in crime comedy style.

The conclusion is very critical in films like these, and it has been neatly set up and executed. There is no in your face push of showmanship instead it is dealt subtly and simply without lacking the required impact.

Overall, CoCo Kokila is a must watch once for those looking at different yet engaging outings in cinemas. It is not for everybody as there will be few who might find things unfunny or the proceedings boring due to pacing. For others, it is a wickedly dark funny ride at the same time. Go and watch it.

CoCo Kokila Review, CoCo Kokila Movie Review, RatingsYogi Babu and Others?
The film has multiple characters each having their own importance in the narrative. Saranya Ponvannan is her usual overacting mode, but it works well here. Jacqueline is superb in a few scenes. Yogi Babu steals the show in crucial moments. Saravanan as a sincere cop doing his duty is fine. ‘Mottai’ Rajendran registers in the ensemble cast. The character design of Lakshman Kumar is hilarious. Ravi as Tony was another such character which is impactful. The rest of the actors were also useful even if they had very few scenes.

Anirudh RavichanderMusic and Other Departments?
Anirudh Ravichander comes up with an electric score. The songs and background, both are fantastic. The cinematography is fresh with careful use of limited and saturated colours. The editing is slick although some scenes could have been shortened. The dubbing is decent.

CoCo Kokila Review, CoCo Kokila Movie Review, RatingsHighlights?

Short Length

Drags In Few Places
Not For Everyone

CoCo Kokila Review, CoCo Kokila Movie Review, RatingsAlternative Take
A shorter and crispier cut with no interval would be an ideal alternative take:

Did I Enjoy It?

Will You Recommend It?

CoCo Kokila Review by Siddartha Toleti

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