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‘U/A’ Certified, 2 hrs 06 mins

Sundeep KishanWhat is C/o Surya about?
Surya (Sundeep Kishan) loves his friends more than anyone. What happens when his best friend Mahesh (Vikranth) is under attack by Samba (Harish Uttaman)? It is what the film is all about?

How is Sundeep Kishan’s performance?
Sundeep Kishan plays a boy next door without any heroism for the most part. It is a regular part of him which he pulls off comfortably without breaking any sweat. He has done this in the past and does it again in a predictable setup.

SuseenthiranDirection By Suseenthiran?
Director Suseenthiran picks up routine stories like these and makes sure they are set in the believable world. Once that is set, he then introduces a threat into the world and then through a cinematic style makes the hero overcome it. The same formula was seen in some of the films of the director in the past like Na Peru Shiva and Palnadu. We can see the same here.

So, that whole setting and the subsequently the heroism and all feel repetitive. Within the predictable terrain, the first half offers absolutely nothing till the interval point. There are few funny scenes that we have seen in the trailer but that’s it. Even the heroine track feels like an add-on in the end.

It is in the second half that we get few twists, while one can see one of them, the other is neatly done. However, the heroic commercial solution to the problem is not satisfying and leaves one wanting or more. Overall, C/O Surya is an average fare with few laughs and couple of engaging blocks in the second half.

Mehreen Kaur PirzadaMehreen Kaur Pirzada and others?
Mehreen is a gloried extra in the movie with nothing much to do. Her entire track could have been removed from the film and it would have made no difference in the end. Vikranth is given a one-dimensional character and he is alright. The real acting asset of the movie is actor Harish Uttaman. He does a commendable job and steals the show from the hero. Sathya is in fine form with his comic timing. Praveen is wasted. On the rest of the casting, it is interesting to see Telugu actors work with Tamil character actors. However, the combinations aren’t really utilized well.

D. ImmanMusic and other departments?
Music by D Imman is alright, but the background score is terrific. The cinematography is alright. Editing is neat. Dialogues are good in parts.

Satya AkkalaHighlights?
Few comedy punches
Two blocks in second half

Not enough drama
First half
Less gripping

VikranthAlternative Take
The movie needed some depth and that could have been possible by making either heroine engage in the narrative or give some twists with the friend character.

Did I enjoy it?
Very few parts

Will you recommend it?
With huge reservations

C/o Surya (Care Of Surya) Review by Siddartha Toleti

C/o Surya (Care Of Surya) Review, C/o Surya (Care Of Surya) Movie Review Ratings

– Final Report:

Care Of Surya which comes with a serious drama could have been more gripping for its genre. Visit back for our frank review shortly.

– Climax fight: Sundeep saves his sister and his friend from the vilian.

– Mehreen completely disappears in the second half.

– A twist related to Sundeep’s sister has been revealed, story picks up the pace.

– Story switched to serious mode. Sundeep is trying to chase the gang tried to kill his thick friend.

– First Half Report:

Care of Surya first half switches between friendship, love track and a serious vilian that works in parts. Stay tuned for the second half report.

– A small twist in the story and time for interval.

– Sundeep meets Mehreen, falls for her in the first sight. After friendship track, love track is being established.

– Sundeep and his friends batch introduced with a fight to show their bonding. Story runs in Vizag.

– Villian and land grabber ‘Balu’ introduced with a murder and land kabja deal.

– Care of Surya, show started on an emotional note. Sundeep loses his father due to the doctors negligence.

Care of Surya US Premier Live Updates will start at 6.30 AM IST.

Sundeep Kishan‘s recent couple of films Shamanthakamani and Nakshatram disappointed him terribly as the films failed to help him in all counts. Now he is coming up with a Telugu-Tamil bilingual titled C/o Surya.

Sundeep in a recent interview said “I have done few films knowing that they won’t work but I won’t do that anymore. I usually involve in filmmaking and whenever I did they worked for me and when I stopped interfering I had the worst results” he said.

Sundeep says Care of Surya (C/o Surya) is a new age kind of film. Care of Surya is written and directed by Suseenthiran. Mehreen Pirzada who is part of recent hits plays the female lead in the film. Let’s see how this movie will impress today as it has to fight with Manchu Manoj’s Okkadu Migiladu at the box office.

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