Cinema Bandi Review – Heartwarming Ride of Honest Love for Cinema

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Heartwarming Ride of Honest Love for Cinema




Cinema Bandi-Netflix-ReviewWhat Is the Film About?

When an auto driver Veerababu (Vikar Vasishta), chances upon an expensive camera, he is clueless about it. Upon his friend Ganapathy’s (Sandeep Varanasi) suggestion and own intuition, he decides to make a movie. what are his struggles? Who is the actual owner of the camera?  And did Veerababu finish his goal is what the film is all about?

How Is Vikas Vasishtha’s Performance?

Vikas Vasishtha perfectly suits the role of Veerababu. He lives it, and we only see the character of the auto driver. The various emotions the part offers him, like confusion, anger, frustration, helplessness and hope etc., are subtly portrayed. There is an undercurrent intensity all through that can’t be missed, either. It is roles like these that are etched in one’s memory.

Cinema Bandi-Movie-Netflix-ReviewAnalysis

Praveen Kandregula directs Cinema Bandi. The story of the film is simple and straightforward increasing pressure on the writing and performances. Luckily, there is nothing to worry about for him.

Right from the opening auto sequence, Cinema Bandi draws us into the world. The realistic and authentic capturing of the setting and language gives the narrative its edge.

Still, in the beginning, it takes time to get used to the progress of the story due to dense writing, and it also feels a bit rushed. It might not be entirely a bad thing, though, given the pace of the movie.

Once we are into the heart of the proceedings, i.e. making the movie, it is engaging. The screenplay never stagnates, and the conflict is organically developed with rising stakes. The fun draws us in, but it’s the quieter dramatic moments that hold the attention. They have all come out beautifully, forming a strong emotional anchor.

The story neatly introduces the theme of hope and dream in an ordinary world. The magic that one can create through cinema and it’s being a hope to change people’s lives adds strength to the proceedings. It is this aspect that has a heart-warming appeal. It, therefore, keeps an undercurrent tension in the movie alive.

The subplot involving the original owner is neatly blended into the main narrative. It adds a suspense factor to the overall story. It remains understated and doesn’t overpower the narrative in any way.

The climax is decent. But, after the entire struggle that happened preceding it, it looks too simple and plain. Nevertheless, the emotions do work out, which is why it doesn’t come across as a disappointment.

Overall, Cinema Bandi is all heart with ample feel-good appeal. There is a lot of talk, fun and drama in a natural and understated way. The casting and writing make it a decent one-time watch without much to complain about.

Cinema Bandi - Netflix ReviewOthers Artists?

Apart from the main lead, Sandeep Varanasi and Rag Mayor shine the most.  The former especially is a riot at times with the free-flowing slang and situations he creates and finds them in. But, they all are still a part of the set-up where everyone is impressive. That in the end, we easily recognise various actors despite their limited appearance is a sign of solid characterisation and writing by the team.

Music and Other Departments?

The songs of the film are alright, for the most part. However, the ending bit is excellent. It amplifies the overall emotional feel. The cinematography is low key and makes the whole thing look like a student-made feature film for a film school. The editing is perfectly alright. The writing needs a special mention as it is fantastic. The natural, authentic and free-flowing dialogues are a treat to listen to. Filmmakers duo Raj & DK are back to Telugu cinema after a long gap. They must be appreciated for presenting this fantastic treat to movie lovers.




Seamless Blend Of comedy And Drama

Feel-good Factor


Plain Ending

Opening few Minutes

Dense Writing At Times

Cinema Bandi _ ReviewDid I Enjoy It?


Will You Recommend It?


Cinema Bandi Movie Review by Siddartha

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