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Pointless and Unbearable


2h 13m, ‘U/A Certified’

What Is the Film About?
A diamond worth over two hundred crores is stolen from Museum. A few days later, the police discover it is in Chor Bazaar.

Meanwhile, Bachchan Saab (Akash Puri) is a youngster in Chor Bazaar who is in love with Simran (Gehna Sippy). However, the girl’s father won’t agree to the marriage due to the background of Bacchan Saab, which is perceived to be a thief.

The movie’s basic story is how the two unrelated incidents connect, and finally, the police and Bachchan Saab get what they want.

Akash Puri is his usual self doing what he has been doing previously. He mouthes dialogues, assuming a style and punch which isn’t still there. However, Akash continues to be good in action scenes. They work well for his physique and baritone, even though the latter lacks the smooth, free flow, an essential quality for a star. And make no mistake, the attempt is all about it.

Gehna Sippy has an interesting part, but the way its execution makes her lack any impact. She is fine as the typical girl in love seen many times before. The twist is to make the normal different, but unfortunately, it doesn’t work as expected.

B Jeevan Reddy directs Chor Bazaar. It is a perfect example of a simple story needlessly complicated to make it messy.

A story with two parallel lines or genres is all fine with neatly defined and written characters. What we have in Chor Bazaar is a lot of characters with their own tracks merged to form a narrative. The result is a messy narrative from the start to the end.

But, even before the messiness is felt, we can understand what’s in store. The opening robbery sequence, for example, is amateurishly shot. It sets the tone for the rest of the proceedings. Unfortunately, it only gets worst.

The core story involves the love story between Bachchan Saab and Simran. It is a typical rich girl, poor guy kind of track, but with a different. Here the hero has a background issue and a flashback related to it. If only the makers had stuck to it with limited other characters and threads, they would have had an opportunity to flash out the story (however predictable) better. The setting would have allowed them to offer something new. But that doesn’t happen here. Instead, we get the usual, in parts, with many songs.

As one might have guessed, losing interest in the story doesn’t take much time. It happens within the first half an hour itself. The way things shape up, people could doze instantly. The loud background could be a distraction, though. The interval, therefore, is a slight relief.

The trouble continues in the second half with more needless drama and emotions. They add nothing to the overall narrative except length. A couple of ideas here and there look legit if they were handled differently. But that’s a long shot at finding something appealing out of nothing.

The climax, after all, that has happened, feels abrupt. There is a predictable action, dialogues, and a twist to end it all. The lack of surprise is another significant failure.

Overall, Chor Bazaar could have been a routine but engaging affair for its premise. But, we get a messy story with forgettable characters and a choppy narrative.

Performances by Others Actors
Chor Bazaar is filled with actors doing bits and pieces roles. The notable ones among them are Sunil, Praveen, Subbaraju and Sampoornesh Babu. Sunil gets into a character actor cum comedy zone. He tries in vain to be funny with a Telangana accent. Along with Sampoornesh Babu, he has a character that comes out of the blue into the narrative and goes. Sampoornesh is worse in that aspect.

Praveen plays a thankless role literally. Subbaraju is a little better in that aspect, considering his importance to some key moments. The actress playing the mother is sincere, but that’s about it. The rest of the supporting cast, including known faces, are forgettable.

Music and Other Departments?
If there is one aspect that deserves some appreciation, then it is the music by Suresh Bobbili. It is okay but loud many times. He seems to get the vibe of the story correctly and delivers accordingly.

Jagadeesh Cheekati’s cinematography is below par. He could have captured the setting of Chor Bazaar more sharply and robustly. The editing by Anwar Ali is disastrous. The editing is the primary reason for the messy feel besides the many characters. The writing is also poor from the beginning. Although, an occasional dialogue works.

BGM (In Parts)

Messy Narrative
Many Characters

Alternative Take
A simplified version looking at only the love story and the police angle related to the diamond would be sufficient. The whole Home Minister, Charlie and other subplots could have been eliminated.

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