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Lifeless Romantic Drama


‘UA’ Certified, 1 hrs 53 mins

Shiva-KandukuriWhat Is the Film About?
Siddhu falls in love with Aishwarya in his college days. They break up later, and Siddhu moves on to become a wedding photographer. On one such wedding coverage, he sees Shruti and feels an instant connection. He meets her through his friend and then falls in love. What happens when Siddhu comes to know Shruti and Aishwarya are friends is what the movie is all about?

How Is Shiva Kandukuri’s Performance?
Shiva Kandukuri is a disaster when it comes to acting. He is blank and expressionless. Many scenes feel lifeless due to his lack of expressions. Comedy, romance or drama, Shiva Kandukuri is a failure in all departments.

Sesha-Sindhu-RaoDirection by Sesha Sindhu Rao?
Sesha Sindhu has come up with a very routine and predictable story. It requires excellent writing and terrific casting with superb performers to lift the material. Sadly, that is not the case here, though we do get a glimpse of it, in a few moments.

The utter lack of disconnect is evident from the start itself. The moments are set, and the music tries very hard to create the mood, but the lead actor plays spoilsport all the way. The romantic portions lack the much-needed spice (not in an adult sense) to make one fall for the lead. It is only then that when the break up happens, we identify with the pain.

Even the fun sequences take place flatly due to the dull screen presence of the lead. The narrative gets some life when Varsha Bollamma enters the scene. She is the one perfect casting that the makers have got right. It is when she arrives that we get a glimpse of the real potential of the content, however routine or predictable it is.

After a plain interval block, the second half starts on a strong note as it entirely focuses on Varsha Bollamma’s track. It carries a positive momentum briefly in the flashback portion. Once that is over, the existing narrative itself sees a massive dip in the graph. Even Varsha with her livewire act can’t change the disastrous course. The ‘confusion’ further adds to the madness and frustration. It is a relief when the movie finally ends.

Overall, Choosi Choodangane is a forgettable fare. The title might be an indirect clarification on the movie, meaning forget it as soon as you watch it.

Shiva-KandukuriVarsha Bollamma, Malavika Satheesan and Others?
Varsha Bollamma is easily the best thing about the movie. She has the presence and energy to lift an average predictable romantic entertainer. It is instantly felt when the actress makes an entrance. However, the character is poorly written, and it gets irritating as we progress further in the second half.

Malavika Satheesan starts alright but soon ends up being a cliché. She then disappears after the extended opening segment. Pavitra Lokesh is the second-best performer in the movie after Varsha. In the scene where the hero is supposed to act, she covers it with her acting. Anish Kuruvilla is wasted. The actor playing ‘Yogi’ is the best among the friend’s gang. The rest have nothing to do.

Gopi SundarMusic and Other Departments?
Gopi Sundar’s music is surprisingly lacklustre. Only one song with Sid Sreeram makes an impression. The background score gives a loud and routine feeling. The cinematography by Vedaraman is okay at best. The editing is patchy in parts, but decent overall. The writing is ordinary and lacks the spice and drama required for the romance to work.

Varsha Bollamma
Pre Interval
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Shiva Kandukuri
Predictable Screenplay
Pre-Climax and Climax

Choosi-Choodangaane--Movie-ReviewAlternative Take
A better casting would have made even the routine bearable, at least for the most part compared to the current version.

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Choosi Choodangaane Review by Siddartha Toleti