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Chinna Babu Review, Chinna Babu Movie Review RatingsWhat is the film Chinna Babu about?
Chinna Babu (Karthi), son of Rudra Raju (Sathya Raju) is part of a large joint family. He has five elder sisters, two of whom are looking to marry their respective daughter’s to him. What happens when Chinna Babu falls in love with an out of the family girl and wants to marry her is what the movie is all about?

How is Karthi’s performance?
Karthi plays the typical hero role in a mass entertainer set in a village. He is the darling of the locality, family and quickly finds a girl. The actor pulls it off without much effort. There is nothing much here to strain as an actor. But even in that department, he gets a scene towards the climax where he has to cry a bucket.

Chinna Babu Review, Chinna Babu Movie Review RatingsDirection By Pandiraj?
Director Pandiraj is known for picking a different genre of films, but package them freshly and entertainingly. This time he has come up with rural drama with a heavy focus on the family sentiment. The story is straightforward, but it gets needlessly complicated due to many characters, and multiple subplots.

Let’s just give a glimpse of the predicament here. There is not one or two, but five elder sisters and each one of them come with a set of problems. Then there is the heroine and her family who also have their issues. As if those were not enough, there is the regular template villain angle. Imagine so many tracks running one after the other and finally coming together? That’s what one has to deal with in Chinna Babu.

Still, to the credit of the director, he manages to engage in parts, and most of those happen to be in the first half. The reason is also simple; there are not too many tracks working at the same time. Everything happens in the second half, and all hell breaks loose. The separate issues get further dragged with subplots of their own. The various plots and subplots scream for a serial rather than a movie.

Chinna Babu has a decent first half, but the second half is a big bumpy ride with a speed breaker at every turn The climax temple episode is again decent, but it is highly predictable and manipulative to generate any real emotion. The fight that follows is useless. On the whole, Chinna Babu is a below average fare even for family drama lovers.

On an unrelated side note, come to think of it does director indirectly hint having too many women in the family leads to needless split and headaches? The entire second half stretch enhances that effect as all the troubles are with women. And when at the very end, the hero decides to have only one ‘one’ girl child (with advice for equality), and no more kids, the message seems to be loud and clear in an ironic way.

Chinna Babu Review, Chinna Babu Movie Review RatingsSayyeshaa Saigal and others?
Sayyeshaa Saigal playing the heroine has very little to do compared to many others who are part of the cast. She additionally gets to dance but is not able to showcase her talent on that score. The rest of the cast is filled with many senior ladies. Everyone has something to do that poses a challenge in the narrative. They are all good in their parts. Sathyaraj as the head is apt.

Chinna Babu Review, Chinna Babu Movie Review RatingsMusic and other departments?
Music by D Imman is disappointing. The background score too is just passable. The cinematography is good. The editing is a mixed back. The writing is below par with a few good dialogues on the farmer and their importance.

Chinna Babu Review, Chinna Babu Movie Review RatingsHighlights?
First Half

Chinna Babu Review, Chinna Babu Movie Review RatingsDrawbacks?
Too Many sub-plots
No Emotional Connect
Second Half

Chinna Babu Review, Chinna Babu Movie Review RatingsAlternative Take
A film moulded on the lines of Samsaram Oka Chadarangam, perhaps.

Did I enjoy it?
Very few parts

Will you recommend it?

Chinna Babu Review by Siddartha Toleti


Final Report:

Karthi fits the bill as a farmer in this age old family drama. Poorly written love track, weak villian thread and routine comedy makes Chinna Babu a below average to an average fare at the best. Visit back for the detailed review shortly.

– Finally, Karthi’s sisters approve his love marriage and it’s time for the usual climax fight with the villian.

– Karthi is struggling to convince his sisters for his marriage, things only getting worse for him.

– Chinna Babu second half started. Karthi started convincing his five sisters to marry Sayyeshaa.

First Half Report:

Chinna Babu first half is passable with routine comedy and a weak villian track. Karthi-Sayyeshaa’s love track is just alright.

– Karthi has to convince all his five sisters and their husbands to get married to Sayyeshaa who is outside of their family. Karthi’s love matter leaks to his sisters. Interval.

– Karthi falls in love with Sayyeshaa. But there’s a marriage proposal within the joint family. On the other side, there’s a villany track going on when Karthi sends a baddie to the jail in the village.

– Karthi has lot of passion and respect for farming and wants youth to take up farming as a profession.

– Karthi’s father Satyaraj has a dream to invite all his family members and take a family picture (he has a big family).

– Karthi’s entry in a bullock cart racing. Suriya’s cameo at bullock cart race to garland the winner Karthi.

– Chinna Babu show started. Penugonda Rudraraju (Satyaraj) has four daughters, marries Bhanu Priya (second wedding) for a son. Krishnama Raju (Karthi) is born for the first wife. Bhanu Priya gives birth to a girl child.

Chinna Babu (Kadaikutty Singam) US premier live updates will begin at 9 pm EST (6.30 AM IST).

Preview: Chinna Babu (Kadaikutty Singam)

Karthi is coming to the Telugu States as ‘Chinna Babu’ this Friday and it can be clearly seen that he is gradually getting closer to the Telugu audiences. ‘Oopiri’ and ‘Khakhi’ had been instrumental in this regard. In between, there is ‘Cheliya’ that disappointed the audiences, big time.

Going by the promo material of ‘Chinna Babu’, it can be understood that it looks like a routine village entertainer but coming from a big hero after some time. Karthi’s brother Suriya has produced the movie on his 2D Entertainments banner. Sayesha Saigal who made her Tollywood debut with ‘Akhil’ is the lead heroine in ‘Chinna Babu’.

Coming to the present scenario, there is no big movie at the box-office. This week releases, new director Ajay Bhupathi’s ‘Rx 100’ and mega hero Kalyaan Dhev’s debut movie ‘Vijetha’ opened with poor talk and there isn’t any competition for Karthi’s movie, whatsoever.

So, if ‘Chinna Babu’ has decent entertaining content to deliver, it will have the advantage of a successful run until another interesting movie comes to theatres. Let’s see if Karthi expands his market further in the Telugu States with his brother’s production venture.

It’s time for a comprehensive ‘Chinna Babu’ (Kadaikutty Singam ) Movie review from our team. Stay with us, guys.