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Good Fun In Parts


‘UA’ Certified, 2 hrs 14 mins

Chi La Sow Review, Chi La Sow Movie Review, RatingsWhat Is the Film ‘Chi La Sow‘ About?
Arjun is a confused urban youth who has few goals or bucket list, he wants to achieve before marriage. Anjali is determined and focused girl who carries the burden of the family. She has an ailing mother to take care of. How these two meet for an arranged marriage in unique circumstances and what happens then is what the movie is all about?

How Is Sushanth’s Performance?
Without any doubt, Chi La Sow is the career-best acting of Sushanth. There is nothing extraordinary that he has done here. It is the casual way with which he carries himself and stays within the character that makes it relatable. The confusion, vulnerability and frustration are very well portrayed.

Chi La Sow Review, Chi La Sow Movie Review, RatingsDirection by Rahul Ravindran?
Actor Rahul Ravindran turning director with Chi La Sow has picked a simple yet difficult to execute subject. Most of the movie happens in a single night and between a limited set of characters. The moments have to be strong and screenplay gripping for the audience to be engaged in the narrative.

As we have said films like this are difficult to execute. Many times people have failed while attempting similar screenplays. Chi La Sow is better than the worse for sure but not among the best within the same space.

What has worked is the comedy involving Vennela Kishore. It is the comedians best in recent times and also very fresh. When we put this aside and look at the main plot involving the lead pair, it works only partially and in parts. Basically, a thin story is prolonged to a predictable climax.

The love story arc can be divided into three segments. The romance, drama and fun. All of that happens in one night and among those three, the fun works well followed by little romance and overdone drama. The last of the three drag the movie big time even within the short runtime. It provides a solid emotional anchor but that is prolonged way beyond needed. The romance is a seesaw kind of thing with few moments working and other coming across as silly, stretched and finally boring. The robbery and police station scenes for example which end with the hero carrying the heroine in arms. The last part is funny but the rest is not.

Overall, Chi La Sow is a decent effort for first-timer. It has the moments that make it a one time watch at best.

Chi La Sow Review, Chi La Sow Movie Review, RatingsRuhani Sharma and Others?
Ruhani Sharma gets a solid part in the movie that drives the narrative. She has done her part well. More than the romance act her drama works out well. Vennela Kishore is the standout act as far as the movie is concerned. People wait for his arrival on screen, such is the impact. There is nothing over the top and everything is situational and yet makes the most impression. Apart from the three main characters, others have very small parts. Rohini stands out among them with her dramatic acting. Jaya Prakash and Vidyuuleka are okay. Anu Haasan is fine and Sanjay Swaroop is okay.

Chi La Sow Review, Chi La Sow Movie Review, RatingsMusic and Other Departments?
The music of the film is situational and comes in parts when required. Prashant R Vihari has done a decent job. The background score much more effective and lively. The cinematography is decent. Editing could have been better.

Chi La Sow Review, Chi La Sow Movie Review, RatingsHighlights?
Vennela Kishore
First Half

Drags In Parts

Chi La Sow Review, Chi La Sow Movie Review, RatingsAlternative Take
Trimming down the emotional backdrop a bit and making it a full length lighter vein romance with fresh comedy intact.

Did I Enjoy It?
In parts

Will You Recommend It?

Chi La Sow Review by Siddartha


Final Report:

Chi La Sow is a sweet and slow film has its moments. Visit back for our detailed review soon.

– Finally, Arjun and Anjali gets married.

– Whenever Vennela Kishore comes back to the scene it is fun.

– After a sudden incident Arjun and Anjali getting more closer.

– Chi La Sow second half started. Arjun accompanies Anjali with a family situation.

First Half Report:

Chi La Sow first half very simple and slow but the very good writing makes it a decent watch so far.

– Arjun is slowly falling in love with Anjali and agrees to marry her. Anjali questions his quick change. A simple interval bang.

– Arjun tells Anjali that he is not interested in getting married. Anjali starts sharing her own share of issues and why she has been rejected by a few so far due to a family issue.

– Arjun’s mother arranges Pelli Choopulu differently at his home where he can meet the girl Ruhani alone.

– Vennela Kishore sending his love proposal email to the entire group by accident in the office is hilarious.

– Chi La Sow show started. Arjun (Sushanth) is a Salman and Hanuman fan. His mother is worried about his unwillingness for marriage.

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Preview: Chi La Low

The Akkineni hero has been trying since 2008 (debut movie ‘Kalidasu’) and this is the first time he showed some promise. We are talking about ‘Chi La Sow‘ that has generated decent talk on the movie.

Sushanth as a hero is like a boy next door and that was actually missing in his previous films which portrayed him in over the top type of characters. The trailer was impressive and looks like he has got a role that might be refreshing.

The trailer did the trick for the movie to generate good buzz. Rahul Ravindran, who is making his directorial debut with this movie has shown some promise with the promo content and let’s hope, he delivers and continues his career as a director.

If the movie can reach out to the target audiences, it will be a sure shot success. It’s a fresh looking old marriage tale that might connect to the audiences instantly if Rahul Ravindran engages the audiences with his narration.

By the way, the heroine of the movie, Ruhani Sharma looked like one of the positive things about the movie that has a 24-hour story. We will know in a few hours if the actor turned director indeed had that direction bug in him.

Folks, stay with us for the comprehensive ‘Chi La Sow’ review. Watch this space for the mirchi9 review.