Chikati Rajyam ReviewBOTTOM LINE
Thrills in parts


‘U/A’ certified, 129 mins.

Kamal Hassan Chikati Rajyam ReviewWhat is the film about?
Diwakar is a narcotics officer whose son Vasu gets kidnapped. To what extent Diwakar goes to save the life of his son is what the film all about.

How is Kamal Hassan’s performance?
Kamal Haasan is thankfully restrained here which makes one appreciate his performance much more than usual. There are as usual subtle nuances even in the seemingly normal looking character that makes us connect to the character more.

Rajesh M Selva Chikati Rajyam ReviewDirection By Rajesh M Selva?
Rajesh makes his debut with Cheekati Rajyam, an official remake of a French film. The director has entire blue print in place and all he has to do is to replicate it here. He does that with competence but the problem here is entire set up and the way it’s presented. The natural grittiness along with the feeling of tension is missing in the narrative. Despite all the characters being in place with their motives and all but we never feel the despair.

Trisha Chikati Rajyam ReviewTrisha and other artists?
There are number of actors in the film each having an important part in the narrative. However none including the heroine Trisha really leave an impact. Among all the actor’s present like Prakash Raj, Sampath, Kishore etc only Prakash Raj is memorable.

Ghibran Chikati Rajyam ReviewMusic and other departments?
There are no songs in the film. The background score given by Ghibran is fantastic though. The film looks technically slick with good work by the cinematographer and editor. Dialogues are apt situationally and also provides fun when necessary.

Highlights Chikati Rajyam ReviewHighlights?
Short length
Kamal Haasan and Prakash Raj
Background score

Lack of tension in narrative
Slow pace

Drawbacks Chikati Rajyam ReviewAlternative Take
Films like these have to just come together as a whole to work there is nothing else one could do with such screenplay at hand. Unfortunately this hasn’t been that film.

Did I enjoy it?
Yes, in parts all the way.

Will you recommend it?
Yes, to those who like something different not necessarily exciting.

Chikati Rajyam Review by Siddhartha