Cab Stories Movie Review


Passable Thriller With Low Expectations



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What Is the Film About?

Giri (Giridhar) is a cab driver. What happens when a guy smuggling drugs drops a packet in his cab? How it leads to a chain of events out of his control resulting in dire consequences is what the movie is all about?

How Is ‘s Performance?

Giri plays the lead role in the movie as a cab driver. After countless supporting roles, it is an upgrade for him. The actor puts his best efforts into the part and does as well as he can and necessary. The sincerity shows.

However, it is not a memorable part or anywhere near to it. Giri has done a decent job required for the character, and that’s it. We have to see if he picks similar roles in the near future.


KVN Rajesh has written and directed the movie whereas S Krishna has provided the basic concept. The latter also produces the film. Cab Stories, the title tells all that is needed to be said.

The story of Cab Stories is routine and straightforward for the terrain of crime thrillers happening with a ticking time screenplay. Films like these are all dependent on the latter (the script) to pull through the narrative. In the case of Cab Stories, it is a decent effort.

Right from the start, there is a neatly maintained intrigue to the proceedings. The ‘actors’ are weak and perform poorly, but the content manages to hook. A slight twist or something takes place, surprising the viewers.

The screenplay progresses in the same fashion throughout until it runs out of gas by the end. More on that later, though.

The subplot involving the love story of Shalini and Sagar starts on a routine note. However, it is neatly merged into the actual story, and that’s how the interest is sustained. The one with Sirisha tackles a familiar issue but works due to the short length.

The core plot involving the drugs and their recovery drives the narrative forward well, initially. However, as it progresses, it loses steam. It is particularly felt towards the end. It is plain and lacks any sort of surprise. The final moments have a good message but could have been handled better.

Overall, Cab Stories is a crime thriller film with some engaging moments. It is short and gets over quickly, making it a passable watch if one likes the genre.


Divi Vadthya plays a crucial character in the movie. She is okay in the regular portions involving a love track, doing the routine. However, she doesn’t get much scope otherwise as far as the thriller narrative is considered. On the other hand, Siri shines mainly due to her track which provides good elevation (although highly predictable).

Among the rest, Dhanraj and Praveen are known faces. Unfortunately, the former is wasted in an insignificant role. He could have been better utilised. Praveen is alright for the character, which offers him something different from the routine. Shrihan is okay in a role that gives him enough to stand out from the crowd. The rest of the artists don’t impress much.

Music and Other Departments?

The background score by Sai Kartheek is alright. It adds to the racy feel even though the sounds feel routine for the genre. The cinematography by Sujatha Siddharth should have been better. Few scenes appear blurry in between. The editing by Tammiraju is okay. It helps provide a crisply flowing narrative without much lag. The writing is par for course. It offers nothing that stands out but is not insufferable at the same time.


Crisp Runtime


Few Twists


Low Budget Making


Few Silly Parts

Did I Enjoy It?

Yes, in Parts

Will You Recommend It?

Yes, But With Reservations

Cab Stories Movie Review by Siddartha