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‘U/A’, 2 hrs 31 mins

C/o Kancharapalem Movie Review, RatingsWhat Is the Film About?
Raju (Subba Rao) is the most eligible but hitting age fifty old guy in Kancharapalem. What happens when a woman arrives in his life? How does everyone in the place and around Raju react to that and where it ends is what the film is all about?

How Is Subba Rao’s Performance?
Subba Rao plays the main role of Raju. He is apt for the part. There are no over histrionics or being dramatic, it is all about coming across as natural as possible and he does a good job with it. The dialogue delivery is neat and sharp well versed with the local slang which gives it a more authentic vibe.

C/o Kancharapalem Movie Review, RatingsDirection by Venkatesh-Maha?
Maha Venkatesh has picked up a very simple yet touching tale of love for his directorial attempt. The idea is to show it as natural as possible without having the cinematic dramatization or acting. It is along the lines of Malgudi Days, the classic TV series. It helps in giving the movie a unique feel.

C/O Kancharapalem works because it gets the milieu right with perfect casting and writing. Sometimes when everything else seems right the weak writing brings down the whole effort. Luckily that is not the case here.

The movie is a slow burner from the start to end with no compromises for commerce. Also, and importantly, there is no rubbing the ‘art’ in our faces. The moments are done and shown just enough to linger in our minds and things get a move on without making one feel irritated. Even at a slow pace the story or rather stories move.

The beginning is the most important part in liking of the movie. Once one gets past the initial fifteen minutes or so and is used to the proceedings, they are sure to get involved.

As said above, the stories and simple and as they move forward, get predictable as well. The ending parts of all live stories that happen in the second half, for example, are on expected lines. But it is the way they are handled that makes C/O Kancharapalem work. The background music too is brilliantly used in key moments either enhancing the performance or covering the weak moments. The little twist in the climax gives the entire movie a fresh spin and adds to the already existing multiple layers. It is the kind of film that gets better for further viewings.

Overall, C/O Kancharapalem is one of those rare offbeat attempts that get it right for the most part. It is an immensely likeable film with good repeat value. Go and watch it.

C/o Kancharapalem Movie Review, RatingsOther Artists?
The film consists of all unknown actors. But, they have all done well in their parts which are well defined. So, the final effect is that we remember the characters they play. From the kids to the friends in old age, the girl playing prostitute to the daring Hindu girl and daughter, they all are etched in our mind.

C/o Kancharapalem Movie Review, RatingsMusic and Other Departments?
The music of the film is kept keeping in view of the setting. The rustic appeal gives it a different flavour. The background score is fantastic and used excellently. The cinematography is of high quality barring few shows here and there. The editing is smooth. The writing is a major highlight.

C/o Kancharapalem Movie Review, RatingsHighlights?

Predictable Story
Gets Very Slow At Times
Repetitiveness In Parts

C/o Kancharapalem Movie Review, RatingsAlternative Take
The movie is good as it is with no real drastic changes required.

Did I Enjoy It?

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C/o Kancharapalem Review by Siddartha

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