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Brainless And Jaded


‘UA’ Certified, 2 hrs 07 mins

Burra Katha Review, Burra Katha 2019 Movie Review RatingsWhat Is the Film Burra Katha About?
Abhi(Aadi) and Ram(Aadi) are two personalities in the same body. It is not split personality, but instead, they have two separate brains in a single frame. How it complicates their life when Abhi falls in love with Happy(Mishti Chakraborty) is what the movie is all about?

How Is Aadi’s Performance?
Aadi Saikumar is coming with a film after a considerable gap. The actor started his career on a bright note, but immediately fell into the trap of repetition and didn’t come out of it. The stories were the issue mostly , and it made his performances look ordinary doing the same thing.

Coming to Burra Katha, well, Aadi is doing the same thing all over again, but the long gap makes it passable. It also helps that the movie isn’t terrible like some of his past films. The actor within his limited range shows the difference between the two characters and carries the movie. It is not bad, but there is nothing special either.

Burra Katha Review, Burra Katha 2019 Movie Review RatingsDirection by Diamond Ratna Babu?
Diamond Ratna Babu sets up an interesting premise which has become the formula of sorts. It started with Bhale Bhale Magadivoi and is continuing till now. Once the basic framework is established, the rest of the proceedings go accordingly ticking all the predictable boxes. Burra Katha falls into the same category.

The hero here is a guy with two brains. In an alternative take, he could be shown as a person with a split personality. The loud sounds trigger the change in him. Remember Amar Akbar Anthony? Or maybe you are the lucky ones who don’t? Well, it is similar only he doesn’t have three brains!

Still, it is a decent premise for the director to provide an engaging narrative. Diamond Ratna Babu takes a beaten to death, commercial approach and fills the movie with comedy gags. They spoof, satires and over the comedy moments back to back. Some of them do work for the sheer silliness on display , and some don’t work for the same reason. Either way, the movie keeps chugging along without any pause.

The interval provides a twist which is okay for the narrative the director has chosen. The second half follows the same pattern as the first but with less comedy and more drama. Predictable or otherwise a twist is provided at every turn.

The pre-climax and climax of Burra Katha provide an interesting conundrum. The former sets up a neat unexpected conflict between the two personalities and both seem genuine in their grievances. A twist or two here does work out well. However, the immediate climax pours water on all that with a tame and highly predictable end.

It brings us to the basic premise, the way it was set up, the pre-climax was the best thing they could hope for within the farfetched scenario. The villain track right from the start felt too clichéd and predictable as one knew where it was headed straight away. It is a failure at the scripting level itself.

In the end, Burra Katha might come across as a relief to Aadi who has been plagued with mundane content after a promising start to the career. But, it too is no different at this point in Telugu Film Industry which is going through a change. It would have been a decent watch a few years ago, but now it’s a predictable and routine attempt that can be easily skipped when there is better entertainment on offer in competition.

Burra Katha Review, Burra Katha 2019 Movie Review RatingsMishti Chakraborty and Others?
Happy (Mishti Chakraborty) presents a perfect combination of attractive looking girl who could play a total dumb and over the top character. She does her part well, and there is nothing to complain in the limited scope given to her. Naira Shah, on the other hand, is given a role for the delight of frontbenchers. There is nothing for her besides some glamour show.

Apart from them, the usual supporting cast consisting of ever reliable Rajendra Prasad, and Posani Krishna Murali deliver. They seem to just go about their business with clinical efficiency no matter what the film. Abhimanyu Singh is also in the same zone and is given a quirky villain character, but it is wasted entirely with weak integration into the main plot.

Sai KartheekMusic and Other Departments?
Sai Karthik tries his best to pep up the proceedings, but nothing much happens. The background score is alright. The cinematography is decent at best. The editing is okay with the pace of the movie being maintained well. The writing is full of silly one-liners.

Burra Katha Review, Burra Katha 2019 Movie Review RatingsHighlights?
Few Comedy Scenes
Fast Pace

Predictable Screenplay
Villain Track

Ee Maya Peremito Review, Ee Maya Peremito Movie Review, RatingsAlternative Take
The story takes a dramatic turn in the second half, which is expected. An alternative take would be building it such that the pre-climax becomes the climax with more new sequences in between. The conflict of the personalities leading to severe issues and its conclusion would have been a better attempt.

Did I Enjoy It?
Yes very few parts

Will You Recommend It?

Burra Katha Review by Siddartha Toleti