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Languid Drama With Heart In The Right Place


94 mins

Tripti DimriWhat Is the Film About?
Set in Bengal during British ruled India, in the year 1881, Bulbbul is the story of a five-year-old girl, who later turns women. As a young child at five years of age, Bulbbul is married to a much older Indranil.

Bulbbul befriends Indranil’s youngest brother Satya who is around her age. After some time, Satya is sent to London. He returns after twenty years, and the whole atmosphere has changed. During the same time, there is a ghost on a murder spree. Satya promises to uncover the mystery. What does he find and what happened in his absence of the basic story of the film.

How Is Tripti Dimri’s Performance?
Tripti Dimri is fantastic in the role of Bulbbul. The innocence required for the character is in abundance in her face, which is where she scores. It creates the drama necessary in abundance when the shocking moments arrive.

She equally conveys the pure and innocent child-like romance and playful authoritativeness

belonging to the opposite ends of the spectrum. The final transformation of an angered soul is a little bit rocky, but the less time it has, leaves less to talk about and complain.

Director Anvita Dutt GuptanDirection by Anvita Dutt?
Anvita Dutt, a famous lyricist and occasional dialogues and screenplay writer, turns director with Bulbbul. The subject of the film proves her ample scope to leave a mark on the audience. She has succeeded mostly, in her debut endeavour.

The period setting of Bulbbul with its rooted and local folk backdrop is the biggest asset of Bulbbul. The story is predictable and straightforward, but it is the space that gives it the edge and engaging factor.

The dramatic portions have a little bit of Lootera hangover. Though not technically as slick as Lootera the backdrop and presence of a lead looking like Ranveer Singh clone makes gives it such a feel. However, the difference comes in the core folklore added to the story.

The suspense element added via the ghost folklore interspersed with the horrific flashback of Bulbbul are the highpoints of the movie. The narrative looks focused and edgy during these sequences, even though the pace is languid.

It isn’t the case during the other parts of the movie, which is the beginning and the ending. They have a lot of unevenness. The family drama and romance don’t gel well with the gothic element introduced in the narrative. The end also leaves one a little unsatisfied. It seems to be hurriedly wrapped up after all the high stake build-up.

Much like other productions of actress Anushka Sharma, Bulbbul too tackles another rooted horror and evil element in the Indian society. This time the focus is on the aristocratic families of the pre-independence days. The sins of the ‘haveli’ culture are the target here. It gives the narrative an additional depth.

Overall, Bulbbul is a captivating one time watch for sure. It could have been much more if the backdrop was explored in much more depth with a neatly blended investigative angle. What we have is decent, but it also leaves with a strong feeling of what it could have been. Keep the expectation under check while watching.

Avinash TiwaryRahul Bose and Others?
The different actors are well cast for their parts. Avinash Tiwary looks like a poor man’s Ranveer Singh most of the times. Still, he manages to make it work. Rahul Bose is dual is reliable as usual. Paoli Dam does her part effectively. Parambrata Chattopadhyay does well for the extent he has been utilized. The rest of the actors are okay.

Music Director Amit-TrivediMusic and Other Departments?
The background score by Amit Trivedi is good. It lends a unique feel to the proceedings. The cinematography by Siddharth Diwan further adds to the mood. Rameshwar S, Bhagat’s editing is alright. The writing is decent, on the whole. A lot of the scenes have no dialogue, but the emotion behind it is conveyed nonetheless.

Paoli DamHighlights?
The Period Setting And Aristocratic Background
Short Run Time

Uneven Narrative
Drags At Times
Rushed Ending

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