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What Is the Film About?
John (Mohanlal) and Eesho (Prithviraj Sukumar) – father and son put themselves in an awkward situation. John impregnates his wife at the age where their son is ready for marriage while Eesho does the same for her live-in partner, Anna (Kalyani Priyadarshan). The rest is how the father helps the son to cover it up and get married without the world knowing about it.


Mohanlal is the heart and soul of Bro Daddy. The film revolves around him – a story of how a father becomes a brother and friend for her son and solves his problem. It is a role with loads of humor and energy. Mohanlal despite his age manages to pull it off decently. The chemistry he shares with Prithviraj Sukumar is the heart of this comic drama.


Bro Daddy is essentially the story of two families. The movie starts with the introduction of the two families and their back stories. The lead pair is introduced as someone who is disinterested with each other and the very next scene is a surprise. It can not be called a twist but is an interesting surprise. Many will even find it relatable as well.

It is then followed by some rom-com scenes leading to the actual story. The proceedings get fast tracked with two interesting turns of events. At this juncture, we get to feel if the movie is inspired by Bollywood superhit film, Badhaai Ho. But then, the similarity ends there itself.

Prithviraj Sukumar who also happens to be the film’s director weaved good comedy around the story which is wafer-thin. The troubles the father and son undergo to hide their secret are funnily narrated. There are several scenes that work during this period due to light-hearted comedy and lovely conversations. Casting also worked big time. As a result, the story is so heart-warming.

The problem arises when the story is moving towards a closure. There is a bit of lag in the story in the second half due to the predictability. When the secret is revealed to the girl’s father, we still have a good twenty minutes left in the film. This is when everything happens in a rush without anything exciting and with a lot of predictability. The drama quotient here did not work and even turned melodramatic.

Finally, Bro Daddy is a decent one-time watch with some problems in the second half particularly towards the end of the film. But then, that would not stop largely from enjoying the film. The fact that it is an OTT watch makes it even more comfortable.


Prithviraj Sukumar is a perfect fit for the character and works like a charm. Kalyani Priyadarshan is super cute and they make a very good pair. Meena as Annamma is adequate. Lalu Alex is another plus to the story even though the character suffers due to unevenness. Kaniha is okay in a little role. Soubin Shahir’s role in the film is an extra. Except for one or two places, it is not effective. Unni Mukundan’s character is more of an unimportant cameo.

Music and Other Departments?
Prithviraj Sukumaran’s direction is decent. It is appreciable how he handled even though it is such a wafer-thin story. In case, the director over emphasized on the father’s track, the Badhaai Ho factor would have come in but he intelligently avoided it. The screenplay and writing is largely effective. However, he struggled to cross the line towards the end. The music by Deepak Dev fits in the film perfectly. There are a couple of situational songs that are fine. The cinematography is good and so is the editing largely.



Good Humor

Nice Storyline


Lag in the second half

Old style Climax

Soubin Shahir’s irritating comedy track

Did I Enjoy It?


Will You Recommend It?

Yes For Home Watch

Bro Daddy Malayalam Movie Review by Siddartha Toleti