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Brand-less Babu


‘U’ Certified, 2 hrs 24 mins

Brand Babu Review, Brand Babu Movie Review, RatingsWhat Is the Film ‘Brand Babu’ About?
A son of a superrich guy accidentally mistakes an auto driver’s daughter to be Home Minister’s daughter. What happens when they fall in love and are all set to marry?

How Is Sumanth Sailendra’s Performance?
Sumanth Shailendra doesn’t ooze the class that the brand denotes. He looks misfit for the “Branded” character. Ignoring that glaringly obvious deficit, there is undoubtedly an attempt body language wise to make up for it. The posture is right, but it also comes across as trying hard. Apart from acting confused, at times, Sumanth Shailendra fails in convincing in other emotions. His lip syncing is bad in a distracting way.

Prabhakar PodakandlaDirection by Prabhakar P?
Director Prabhakar has a very routine and predictable subject in hand. There is no novelty in it, for sure, but it has a lot of opportunities to offer comedy if done well. Sadly, that is not the case here as the comedy feels repetitive due to the hammering impact of “Brand”. It feels as if every other dialogue contains the word.

The very idea itself is outdated, as the ‘brand’ here is used only as a replacement for the rich status symbol. Underneath it is the same age-old rich versus poor love story and drama. Few scenes still are chuckle-worthy only due to the outrageous act by Murali Sharma. The funeral scene is an example in that regard. But the character turns into a caricature very soon and fails to leave an impact.

The core track of the eventual growth of love is very poorly handled. It gets even inadequate due to the regressive attitude that is on display. The character sketch of the heroine is terrible. And the way it’s handled makes it worse. The drama and comedy don’t gel well in the narrative which is another major issue.

After a point in the second half, one is just waiting for the trite to end. And the end happens in, as routine way as possible. Barring, few over the top outrageous comedy moments, nothing is redeeming in the Brand Babu. It is an easily avoidable movie at cinemas.

Brand Babu Review, Brand Babu Movie Review, RatingsEesha Rebba and Others?
Esha Rebba is mostly part of small films, but she has never done an unworthy part like this. It should be among her worst decisions made as an actress. The straightforward regressive design of the character makes it wrong. Apart from her, there is a host of comedians and actors for bits and pieces roles. Raja Ravindra, comedian Venu and a couple of others get noticed among this large casting.

Brand Babu Review, Brand Babu Movie Review, RatingsMusic and Other Departments?
Jeevan Babu’s music is very template driven. The background score too is underwhelming. The cinematography is decent, giving the film a better look than its actual range. The editing is alright. The Maruthi’s stamp is visible in writing only in a few instances.

Brand Babu Review, Brand Babu Movie Review, RatingsHighlights?
Murali Sharma
Few Funny Moments

Repetitive Stuff
Lead Actor
Predictable and Boring Drama
Second Half

Satyam-RajeshAlternative Take
In films like these, it is all about gags and chemistry between the artists. So, an alternative take would be to have better comedy blocks and reduce the verbal usage of the brand.

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Brand Babu Review by Siddartha Toleti