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2h 2m, U Certified

What Is the Film About?
Arjun is on the lookout for the perfect girl to marry. He finds the right qualities needed for a successful marriage by interacting with several girls as a ‘Boyfriend For Hire’. Arjun finally thinks that Divya is the girl for her.

However, Divya has done something that spoils the relationship. The movie’s overall plot is what she does and how Arjun realises that it’s not a mistake.

Viswant playing the lead is strictly okay for the part. It requires a certain amount of innocence and charm, which is missing in his action. Still, there is an effort to make things work and keep the narrative happening. However, it is not entirely enough to keep one hooked until the end. The weaknesses, especially in the emotional scenes, are so obvious. The lighter scenes are what keep things going for him.

Malavika Satheesan is okay from a few angles, looks-wise. But, as the character offers her something more, it is not an issue. The real problem is emoting, which she lacks many times. Whenever he tries to be overdramatic, her weakness is exposed. Malavika is better when a little subtle and composed, like the end. But that’s a rarity in the movie and hence not so impactful outing.

Santhosh Kambhampati directs Boyfriend For Hire. It is a familiar story wrapped up as something bold and new age. In fact, one can say it’s misleading on that front if one checks out the movie by looking at the title alone.

Things become apparent within the first few minutes when the reality behind the title and its concept is explained. The narrative turns routine from that moment with hardly any surprise or entertainment value.

Given the bland proceedings, the interval bang easily stands out. It is a little bit of a surprise at that point. However, things return to normalcy as soon as the narrative resumes post-intermission.

The core conflict and drama of Boyfriend For Hire are truly revealed during the last half an hour only. It is related to perfect qualities versus love. One assumes the ‘perfect qualities’ will make relationships last long, whereas the other says it’s only love which has that power. This conflict is compelling, and we know the answer as well. The screenplay to reach that conclusion with the right emotions would have helped the narrative. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen.

Things get stagnant, irritating and repetitive after the conflict is out. As we know, the end, the laborious process to reach the desired result, leaves one tired. The attempt to generate some fun at the finale also doesn’t work. One is relieved that things are over, finally.

Overall, Boyfriend For Hire has a decent core conflict. But it comes too late in the day and lasts only momentarily. Eventually, the movie ends up like another movie that feels like old wine in a new bottle.

Performances by Others Actors
Harsha Vardhan, Madhunandan, Raja Ravindra and Sivannarayana are the primary supporting actors. Sadly, none of them has an impressive role. Harsha Vardhan threatens to shine but is always relegated to the background when anticipated to rise. Madhunandan looks jaded. Raja Ravindra is fine whenever he tries his original character and does not try the put-on fake posh dialogue delivery. The rest are forgettable.

Music and Other Departments?
Gopi Sundar provides the music for the film. It is a subject right down his terrain, but what we get here feels like leftover tracks from similar past movies. The background score is comparatively okay.

Bala Saraswathi’s cinematography makes the film look like a short film in parts. Too many close-up shots don’t do any justice. Vijay Vardhan K’s editing is shaky. The smooth flow is missing in the narrative. The writing is below par.

Core Conflict


Short Length


Routine And Predictable After A Point


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