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Bluff Master Telugu Movie 2018 Review RatingsWhat Is the Film Bluff Master About?
Uttam Kumar (Satya Dev) is a master conman. He has a scamming idea ready all the time, and that is how he makes money. What happens when Uttam decided to do scams for a goon Pasupati and how it affects his personal life is what the movie is all about?

How Is Satya Dev’s Performance?
Satya Dev is perfect for the role. The character requires a confident posture, and that is precisely what we get from the actor. The belief in the ‘character’ is generated due to him. What is excellent further is the wide variety of emotional arc the role presents to Satya Dev which he does with all the sincerity. He will register for sure, but what is not yet sure is the screen presence to impact the viewing audience and make the character memorable.

Bluff Master Telugu Movie 2018 Review RatingsDirection by Gopi Ganesh?
Gopi Ganesh has a winner in his hand regarding the story, entertainment and emotional content, thanks to the original Tamil movie Sathuranga Vettai. All he has to do was get the setting and milieu right along with bringing in the local sensibilities.

Bluff Master is a sincere remake where it adheres to the original story and screenplay all the way. There are minor refinements that are done keeping the Telugu audience in mind. These small changes and overall making, give the movie a different feel in Telugu apart from adding a few minutes.

It is another matter that if the changes positively enhance the appeal or conversely create a negative impact. The issue with Bluff Master is that the small changes and slightly over the top presentation kill the realistic feel of the original. The content is of a type that needs that approach whereas the making is in a different style. The result is that, towards the end, the emotions are missing which one can feel in the original. Also, the central character behaves more like a mass hero making some parts tedious, and the climax weak.

Still, all said, there is ample content in Bluff Master to engage the audience from the beginning until the end. It might not be an entirely fulfilling watch, but there is a lot to like and be involved. The story is the ultimate winner here, and for that alone, one can easily watch Bluff Master once.

Bluff Master Telugu Movie 2018 Review RatingsNandita Swetha and Others?
Nandita Sweta has less screen time, but it is an important role. The change in hero comes through her character and the climax to hinges on it. She has done decently. Among the rest, there is number are known faces, but Adithya Menon plays the critical one. It is done in a loud manner by the actor, but it fits well in the narrative. Another actor playing the character “Basava” gets an important role. It is an upgrade for him as he usually is seen as one among the henchmen. It was the same here, but he does get something significant towards the end. Prudhvi is fine in the opening block. Sijju is neat in brief appearance.

Bluff Master Telugu Movie 2018 Review RatingsMusic and Other Departments?
Sunil Kashyap has provided the music. One song is decent concerning the audio. The background score is alright. The cinematography is good in patches. The editing could have been sharper. There are rough edges throughout. The writing is mostly the same as the original with few improvisations.

Bluff Master Telugu Movie 2018 Review RatingsHighlights?
Satya Dev’s Character

Missing Emotional Connect
Feels lengthy

Bluff Master Telugu Movie 2018 Review RatingsAlternative Take
Watch the Tamil original Sathuranga Vettai which marked the debut of H Vinoth of Khakee fame as a director.

Did I Enjoy It?

Will You Recommend It?

Bluff Master Review by Siddartha Toleti

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