Biriyani Review

Biryani-reviewBOTTOM LINE
Biriyani not that tasty!

149 minutes.


Biriyani ReviewWhat is “Biriyani” about?
A broken romance turned murder drama turned thriller, all rolled into one is Biriyani.

How is Karthi?
By now this is a routine job for Karthi, he has done this kind of parts previously and is effortless as usual but offers nothing new. The actor should think of showing some new side as a performer as it’s getting repetitive for sure.

Biriyani ReviewHow is Venkat Prabhu’s direction?
This is a typical Venkat Prabhu film. He has done a couple of films like these in the past and seems to have mastered the art of making thrillers with situational comedy built in the screenplay itself. It works in parts in the first half but the second half, although fast paced, shifts into a completely new track. In the end the director comes up with a twist as usual which slightly salvages the otherwise completely drab second half.

Biriyani ReviewWhat about Hansika, Premgi Amaren and others ?
There are a number of characters in the film one among which happens to be heroine Hansika. She smiles and looks confused most of the times. Premgi Amaren on the other hand has a role that is present throughout and can be called almost a supporting role. He too does his usual act which gyrates on our nerves but it still is funny thanks to the situation and dialogue. Then there is Ramki, Jaya Prakash and a number of actors in small bits and pieces roles. They all individually fit the puzzle but none have a remarkable performance than can be talked about.

Biriyani ReviewHow is Music, Songs and Dances and other departments?
The songs don’t register largely due to the lyrics but Yuvan Shankar Raja makes up for it with a spicy background score that peps up the proceedings. Editing is fine, cinematography is alright. Choreography of songs could have been far better.

Biriyani Review
Comedy in parts.
Twist in climax.

Muddled screenplay.
Predictable second half.

Biriyani Review
What about its box office prospects?
The film opened to a low occupancy today as there was hardly any promotion for the film. The word of mouth is mixed with it leaning more towards the negative side so it should find it hard to survive in the competition ahead.

Did I enjoy it?

Will you recommend it?

Reviewed by Siddhartha

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