Bigil-(Whistle)--Movie-Review-RatingsBOTTOM LINE
Predictable Sports Drama With A Nice Message


‘U/A’Certified, 2 hrs 59 mins.

Bigil-(Whistle)--Movie-Review-RatingsWhat Is the Film About?
The story of Whistle is simple – it is a masala version of classic Bollywood movie Chak De India with a different backdrop. Instead of a tainted player who is on a journey of redemption by being a coach, here you have Michael aka Bigil (Whistle) (Vijay) who is doing the same but fulfilling the dream of his father.

How Michael trains a women football team to glory overcoming all odds is what the movie is all about?

How Is Vijay’s Performance?
Vijay is seen in three avatars in Bigil (Whistle). There is a conscious effort to show the difference, and it works out well. Among the three, the elder variation stands out easily. It would be a delight for the mass audience and fans. Not that the other two acts lack mass appeal, but this is on a level higher.

Coming to rest, it is typical Vijay star act. There are mannerisms galore that are used effectively by Atlee. The presentation, stylish looks and body language are all taken care of in a pleasing manner.

There are the mandatory ’emotional’ scenes also incorporated into the narrative to present the dramatic side of Vijay. It is to highlight his range and depth of performance. One of those in the second half has come out really well. Bigil (Whistle), therefore, is a full meal for fans and a memorable outing for the star.

Bigil-(Whistle)--Movie-Review-RatingsDirection by Atlee?
Bigil (Whistle) is Atlee’s fourth film in the career. It is also his third consecutive one with Vijay. By now, it is clear what the director does with the star. It is all about presenting him in a fresh narrative. He does that by introducing a sports backdrop.

You know you have seen everything before, and yet there is an engaging narrative – that is the achievement of Atlee. He gets the basic of handling a star right and provides him with enough bite in the tale to keep everyone happy.

The first half is a perfect example of how to handle a star-driven vehicle that is utterly predictable and still watchable. The action, the entertainment and larger than life visuals, they all work in sync and keep the flow going without taxing the audience too much. There are minor tweaks in the ‘predictable’ formula that makes it engaging.

But, an entire movie cannot run on those lines, and that is where Atlee shows his worth. He brings in the high doses of drama and core story into the narrative in the second half. These often get bloated and are overdone but in the final scheme of things they work out.

The sports stuff, for example, is mixed with drama involving various girls with different backdrops. It feels never-ending and too much at a time. Simultaneously, the actual sports stuff is too gimmicky, but it all never veers into the unbearable territory. They are all tolerable, but it is very tiring to watch, and that is the problem with Whistle. It is long and overdrawn and bloated a lot along the way.

Overall, Bigil (Whistle) is a lengthy and predictable mass loaded sports drama. It is a decent one-time watch that leaves us with an exhausted feeling at the end.

Bigil-(Whistle)--Movie-Review-RatingsNayanthara and Others?
Nayanthara plays the mandatory good-Samaritan heroine aptly named an ‘Angel’. There is nothing to complain except that she has a small part in the overall scheme of things that is entirely dominated by Vijay.

Among the rest, Kathir and Yogi Babu have decent parts. The latter has some funny moments, and that’s about it. Jackie Shroff and Neil Nithin Mukesh does what they are meant to do in half baked and predictable parts. The rest are okay.

Music Director AR RahmanMusic and Other Departments?
AR Rahman has provided a decent soundtrack. The songs are alright, but not a blockbuster like Mersal. However, as usual, he makes up with the background score. It is superb and keeps the momentum alive. The cinematography is excellent. The richness of the movie is seen to be believed on the big screen. The production values also need to be appreciated. They are phenomenal for a routine commercial flick. The editing could have been better. The movie definitely needs some trimming. The writing is done adequately with a few ‘whistle’ worthy mass dialogues for Vijay.

Vijay’s Three Variations

Lavish Mounting of The Movie

Routine Story
Bloated Drama in Parts

Bigil-(Whistle)--Movie-Review-RatingsAlternative Take
Well, you have the Bollywood movie Chak De India. Even, otherwise, many sports flicks follow the same formula. Whistle itself is an alternative take on those movies, by the way.
Did I Enjoy It?
Yes, for the most part

Will You Recommend It?
Yes, but with reservations

Bigil Review by Siddartha Toleti


Final Report:

Parts of the second half are very engaging, but there are some that feel never-ending. Overall, Bigil (Whistle) is a tiring sports drama held together by dazzling visuals and Vijay. Final review and rating shortly.

– The final game is going on as expected. Bigil (Whistle) is heading towards the climax.

– After a few typical emotional and action scenes Bigil (Whistle) feels like a never ending show. After another game and victory, we get a fan pleasing dance show!

–  Michael (Vijay) plays a challenge game with the girls team to win their trust. Now, the team falls in his line.

– Bigil (Whistle) second half started. Michael’s (Vijay) team lost the first game due to lack of coordination and lack of trust on coach.

First Half Report:

Lavish production values and Atlee mark stylish presentation make the routine Bigil (Whistle)first half watchable.

– Michael (Vijay), once popular as ‘Bigil (Whistle) ‘ takes the responsibility to train the women team to win the Cup. Interval.

– Rayappan (Vijay) is very attached to his son Michael (Bigil (Whistle) Vijay). He wants his son to play for Nationals. Rowdy Rayappan (Vijay) gets killed and his son Michael (Vijay) stops playing the game. Flashback over.

– Third fight without a minute break. This time it’s for the intro of Rayappan (another Vijay).

– Michael’s (Vijay) friend Kadhir who’s the coach for TN women football gets serious injuries. He suggests Bigil (Whistle) (Vijay) as his substitute coach. Bigil (Whistle) intro in the football court. He sweeps the game against Punjab.

– After the typical hero introduction and a fight, it’s time for the first solo song.

– Bigil show stared with students protesting ‘Don’t raze our building to the ground”. Students seek help from Michael (Vijay). Time for first fight.

Preview: Bigil

Bigil‘ coming as ‘Whistle’ in Telugu is carrying a huge buzz in Tamil for obvious reasons that Vijay Ilayapathy is a huge mass star with a huge fan base among B and C Centre audiences.

The pre-release business of the film in Tamil has been big and even in the Telugu States, the business is nearly Rs. 10 crores. That means his business is growing steadily and gradually in Telugu.

Including ‘Sye Raa’ and after its release, there was no proper mass movie that would be catering to the B and C Centres’ audiences. So, with a better word of mouth, ‘Whistle’ has the chance to have a decent run in the Telugu States, as well.

Going by the trailer of the film, it’s going to be a mass treat for Vijay’s die-hard fans and it’s likely to win over the mass audiences.

Director Atlee Kumar is known for handling his scripts with sensibly and therefore ‘Whistle’ may enjoy that advantage besides being an entertainer for the masses.

It’s time to know if Vijay and Atlee delivered a Diwali festival feast or not. Wait for our genuine ‘Bigil (Whistle)’ review from our mirchi9 team. Stay tuned, folks!