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Vijay-Antony-Bichagadu-2-ReviewWhat Is the Film About?

Vijay Gurumurthy (Vijay Antony) and Satya (Vijay Anthony) are look alikes from completely contrasting backgrounds. While the former is a multimillionaire, the latter is a beggar who later spends years in jail.

An experiment puts Satya in Vijay’s place. Satys takes it as an opportunity to find his lost sister. Did he find her? What does he do with all the money is the movie’s core plot.


Vijay Antony continues to be his usual self. He goes about the proceedings with a single expression, irrespective of the situation. It comes across at times, particularly in Bichagadu 2. Still, the seriousness and intrigue of the content more or less cover the lacking expression, which happens most of the time with Vijay Antony. It goes with the proceedings.

Kavya Thapar playing the heroine, has significantly less screen time in the movie, which the hero dominates from start to end. She is still a critical piece that fits the overall narrative, but hardly anything from her registers. The glamour side is explored at the start, and later everything goes normally.


Vijay Antony stars, co-writes, directs, edits and provides music for the film. Bichagadu 2 is a spiritual successor to the previous flick, Bichagadu. The story doesn’t continue or has any relation to the last part. 

The movie opens on an intriguing note related to brain transplantation and transferring memories to another person. It is not new, but it still retains an element of freshness in how it’s presented. 

Obviously, given the title, anyone could guess that the story has to somehow connect to the beggar. The problem with Bichagadu 2 starts at the conceptual level itself. It is an impossible factor to neglect. 

So, we have an interesting beginning with a near sci-fi premise related to a brain transplant, and then we are back to the gritty, realistic drama involving a beggar. The two worlds couldn’t be any more contrasting than this. It leads to an uneven narrative, structurally and technically. 

For example, the lengthy flashback and raw proceedings related to the childhood portions of Satya (second Vijay) feel so jarring to the sequences that happened before. It is too big of a contrast to have one engaged. What happens next further takes away from the beginning, but as it is a different world and there has to be a follow-through, the subsequences progress doesn’t gel well together and looks unconvincing. 

By the time one reaches the interval, one is left clueless about where things are headed. The lack of cohesiveness and muddled narrative is the reason. 

The second half focuses entirely on Satya’s character, and we see the much-publicised ‘Anti-Bikili’ track. The narrative has now shifted from realistic drama to socio-political fantasy. The jump is again jarring and takes us away from the core point, driving the whole narrative. 

The socio-political discourse continues in an over-the-top fashion with silly and illogical sequences. Some parts still hold due to the message and the point it discusses, but that alone isn’t necessary to elevate the proceedings. One is exhausted by the time the end arrives. 

Inretrosct when one recollects the whole movie and compares it with Bichagadu, the problem looks so obvious. The intersection of the two worlds ala a Billa in Bichagadu 2 feels like an entirely different entity and lacks the heart of the Bichagadu. The narrative was clean and focused on Bichagadu with a clear emotional drama and necessary undercurrent elevation. Bichagadu 2 fails on all that counts. 

The millionaire-to-beggar arc feels like the undoing of Bichagadu 2 as the two worlds don’t sync here, unlike Bichagadu. Also, the arc feels force-fitted in the narrative to have that connection. 

Overall, Bichagadu 2 has some interesting bits, but an unconvincing narrative with a missing emotional connection doesn’t let the plot stand on its feet. It ends up disappointing if one has expectations based on the first part.

Kavya-Thapar-Bichagadu-2-ReviewPerformances by Others Actors

As mentioned earlier, Bichagadu 2 is all about Vijay Antony. He is omnipresent and hogs all the limelight. Many known faces are present apart from him, like Dev Gill, Radha Ravi, Harish Peradi, John Vijay and Yogi Babu etc., but none have anything remarkable to do. They are adequate, though and go about their work routinely.

Music and Other Departments?
Vijay Antony also provides the music for the film. It is another disappointing thing related to the movie. There are no memorable songs here like the mother sentiment song from the first part. The background score is better as it helps maintain intrigue and amplify the emotion. He also is the editor. One can see how it affects the narrative as he seems to find it challenging to make the necessary cuts.

Om Narayan’s cinematography is a mixed bag, much like the rest of the technical department. Some parts look fabulous, but a few portions bring down the overall quality big time. The VFX is poor. Some graphics look very tacky. The writing is decent in parts, especially while delivering a message.


Few Intriguing Parts
Missing Emotional Connection


Unconvincing Proceedings
Over Melodrama
Uneven Narrative

Yogibabu-Bichagadu-2-ReviewDid I Enjoy It?
Few parts

Will You Recommend It?


Bichagadu 2 Movie Review by M9News

Bichagadu 2 Movie Review Pichaikkaran 2 Movie Review

Final Report:

Bichagadu 2 is nowhere near Bichagadu in final output due to its unconvincing plot and execution. A disappointment!

It has some intriguing bits and pieces, a honest message but that’s all. It has lots of drama, but nothing connects in the end.

First Half Report:

Bichagadu 2 starts on an interesting note grabbing attention. However, it slips as it progresses and goes off track. The second half is crucial to see if things get back on track and if there is a revival of interest.

— Bichgadu 2 kicks off with an interesting storyline centered around the concept of a brain transplant. Stay tuned for the first half report.

Stay tuned for Bichagadu 2 Review, USA Premiere Report.

Cast : Vijay Antony, Kavya Thapar, Dato Radha Ravi, Y G Mahendran, Mansoor Ali Khan, Hareesh

Director : Vijay Antony
Music : Vijay Antony
Editor : Vijay Antony

Production House : Vijay Antony Film Corporation
Producer : Fatima Vijay Antony
Cinematographer : Om Narayan
Writers : Vijay Antony, K Palani, Paul Antony
Co-Directors : Sriram Ramathilagam, K Palani

Bichagadu 2 (Pichaikkaran 2) Movie Review by M9News