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Simple Yet Beautiful


93 mins

Bhanumathi-&-Ramakrishna--AHAWhat Is the Film About?
Bhanumathi & Ramakrishna is the love story between two misfits – headstrong Bhanumathi (Salony Luthra) and Innocent Ramakrishna (Naveen Chandra). They hail from contrasting backgrounds but were brought to work together. Rest is all about how they navigate together out of their differences and fall in love.

How Is Naveen Chandra’s Performance?
Naveen Chandra plays an idealistic saccharine-sweet character. We tend to feel even such characters exist in real-life these days. He portrayed it perfectly. The variation in his body language as the movie progresses is just what the character demands. And that portrays how he is growing into a good actor with every film.

Direction by Srikanth Nagothi?
Director and Writer Srikanth Nagothi picked a wafer-thin story for his debut film. All it needs two strong characters to drive the point home and Srikanth does exactly that. The lead pair characters are completely contrasting and unique in their own way. The best part of it is the director tried to keep the relationship and the conversations organic.

The concept of 30s is relatable to many of the current youth. The way he managed to extract the performances from the lead pair is also commendable. The choice of the heroine who looks like a girl in her 30s showcases his conviction. Her powerful performance holds the film together. The idea of keeping the film to just 90+ minutes worked really well.

The climax, however, gives you a feeling that the director rushed through the proceedings. Also, some feel the story is narrated completely from the female point of view and a few scenes showcasing strong reasons for Ramakrishna to be attracted to Bhanumathi would have added depth to the story. Finally, Bhanumathi & Ramakrishna is a simple but beautiful Rom-Com, a perfect OTT watch.

Salony Luthra and Others?
Salony Luthra may not fit into the ideal definition of a glam girl but she is apt for the role of a headstrong and independent girl. Besides the looks, she also commands the appeal that is needed for such a character. She is the major highlight of the film for sure. Harsha Chemudu (Viva Harsha) is superb wherever he appears. The Kushi scene between them is hilarious. There were few other characters like Heroine’s friends, the parents of lead pair who are okay in whatever they are offered.

Music and Other Departments?
Shravan Bharadwaj’s compositions are fine. Acchu composed the background score which amplifies the scenes significantly. Sai Prakash handled the camera. He seems to have used a sepia tone throughout the film which enhanced the beauty of the screen. As said earlier, writing has been beautiful. The choice of keeping the film for just 93 minutes worked big time.

Lead pair Characterization and Performances particularly the heroine
Natural Conversations
Comedy by Viva Harsha

Hurried Climax

Alternative Take
Crisp Runtimes are always deemed good. But sometimes we expect it to be a bit lengthy. The director could have taken the liberty to added 15-20 minutes and stuff some more lighter moments to make the story more breezy. The best part of watching a small film on OTT is that it does not allow you to have huge expectations. If it is watched that way, it is enjoyable even in the present form.

Did I Enjoy It?

Will You Recommend It?
Bhanumathi & Ramakrishna Review by Siddartha Toleti