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Bloody Bore!


‘A’ Certified, 2 hrs 09 mins

Dhananjay -Bhairava GeethaWhat Is the Film Bhairava Geetha About?
Bhairava Geetha is multiple age-old routine clichés rolled into one with the basic line being that of a class difference between the boy and the girl. A low-class guy loves the rich girl, only here the background is that of Rayalaseema in a different period.

How Is Dhananjaya’s Performance?
Dhanunjaya works in parts and is lost otherwise. The ones that work is action and angst and where it doesn’t is the romance. In short, the performance is decent, at best, and even that happens in patches. The actor couldn’t get the love and drama associated with it to the fore which is also where the movie fails big time.

Siddhartha Shankar Thatholu - Bhairava GeethaDirection by Siddhartha Shankar Thatholu?
Siddharth has picked a very routine and clichéd story, a common malaise with all the films that have come out today (December 14th). While one picked adult comedy and humour, and another one picked a unique clan, here with Bhairava Geetha, the director has the Rayalaseema backdrop in all its blood and gore.

Bhairava Geetha operates in extremes at different levels and for different emotions. The land, the love and finally the revolt, are the three aspects of the movie. The beginning showcases the plight of the land and its people and the divide that has been created. This block is the best thing about the movie as long as it lasts and that too with all its violence in place.

The narrative shifts to love (which again turns into lust and feels unending), and the momentum building until then slowly and steadily fades away. There is also a dejavu feeling due to the earlier arrival of RX100. Soon, the love to lust shifts to violence and gore and the movie entirely derails.

The initial portions don’t match with what we get to see towards the end. The depth is missing due to superficial writing. Also, the content itself is shallow further creates a double negative impact. Add the visuals of forced unpleasant goriness, it becomes uncomfortable to sit through the proceedings.

in the end, Bhairava Geetha is a misdirected and wasted opportunity of showing the Seema in all its glory. Some of the regular commercial films that we get on this terrain are far more engaging than this trite that is on offer.

Irra-Mor - Bhairava GeethaIra Mor and Others?
Irra Mor does well for what she has been roped to do, that is ample skin show and titillation. She is totally into that and goes about it in a nonchalant manner. Apart from the lead pair, only one person that makes an impact is the actor playing the ‘antagonist’ factionist. He is terrific in a few moments. The rest don’t have much to do except play clichéd parts.

Music Director Ravi Shankar - Bhairava GeethaMusic and Other Departments?
The music is another department that fails to deliver big. A good soundtrack could have elevated few parts. The background score is slightly better in comparison. The cinematography is neat and captures the terrain well. The editing is alright. The writing is weak.

Bhairava Geetha Telugu Movie ReviewHighlights?
Few Violent Moments

Needless Gore
Love Portions
Basic Story
Second Half

Alternative Take
For the alternative take, we have yet another example of a decade old film Yagnam.

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Bhairava Geetha Review by Siddartha