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2h 36m, ‘U/A’ Certified.

Beast Telugu Movie ReviewWhat Is the Film About?
Veera Raghavan (Vijay) is a RAW agent. The movie begins with Operation Jodhpur, where Veera is entrusted to lead a mission to capture Umar Farooq. The operation is successful, but there is a loss of a kid’s life, hurting Veera.

A few months later, East Coast Mall is under siege by the terrorists. They take many people hostages and demand the release of Umar Farooq. Unfortunately for them, Veera is present in the mall. The movie’s basic plot is how he takes on the terrorists single-handedly and saves the day.

Vijay is in action mode in Beast. The styling is excellently done. The character is designed to suit his strengths, and the actor goes about in his usual manner lifting the proceedings wherever possible.

However, at times the ‘action’ is over the top, even for Vijay’s persona. It makes them (and him) stick out. There is only so much one can manage with swag. Maybe the star’s man wouldn’t mind it, but it will be a bit too much for the regular moviegoers.

Pooja Hegde is a mere supporting actor in the movie. If not for the Arabic Kuthu – Halamithi Habibo, one might even forget that she exists in the film. It makes one wonder if she accepted the movie just for the song alone.

Director Nelson DlipkumarAnalysis
Nelson Dilipkumar of Kolamavu Kokila (Coco Kokila) and Doctor (Varun Doctor) fame directs Beast. It is a straightforward action-comedy mixing the elements of hostage crisis with terrorists involved.

There is nothing new in the basic plot except that the location is a ‘Mall’. It brings the novelty factor and allows Nelson to create some related characters. The entire security guard track related to the mall comes out of this space. Nelson uses it for comedy, and it works in parts.

The problem with Beast is the action more than the comedy. While Nelson is adept with humour, he fails to get the action integrated into the narrative right. Are the action scenes shot well? Yes, they are. But do they help make the narrative thrilling or gripping? And that’s a no.

Nelson tries to bring the ‘Star’ Vijay into a hostage crisis story. It dilutes the whole drama related to the plot as a ‘hostage’ crisis is a serious affair. But, what we get here is a one-man army kind of scenario who is taking on everyone single-handedly. There is no resistance at all. It feels as of the terrorists are waiting for the ‘star’ to come out and take them down.

The gripping drama and tension related to the hostage crisis are entirely absent. Still, the comedy and some initial action appeal in the first half. One expects things to improve in the second half, considering the scope, but that is not the case with Beast.

Things go in the same fashion as in the first half, leading to a mundane narrative. There is no spice in the proceedings when you know the ‘star’ is invincible. He is ‘Leaner-Meaner-Stronger’ and ‘Unstoppable’. In fact, the director takes this literally to the next level with the climax where Veera crosses the border. The whole thing looks silly and preposterous rather than an entertaining or elevating hero.

Overall, Beast has a passable first half where the comedy and action work in parts. However, it gets sillier, more over-the-top, and the narrative slides further down in the second hour. It is a below-average fare in the end to the general moviegoers, while the fans might feel marginally better.

Pooja Hegde - Beast Telugu Movie ReviewPerformances by Others Actors
Notable director Selva Raghavan turns an actor with Beast. Besides Vijay, he is one of the few other actors who have a semblance of a role. He is alright and does well with a flat track. Yogi Babu has had memorable parts previously under Nelson’s direct
ion. But, here, he feels underused, playing an almost forgettable role. The usual comedy gang of Nelson do their job adequately, but it is the fresh addition VTV Ganesh who stands out.

Music director anirudh ravichanderMusic and Other Departments?
Anirudh has a blockbuster song in ‘Halamithi Habibo’, also picturised well. It is sure to go viral once the video is out. The background score, however, is okay. There is nothing to complain about, but at the same time, it isn’t something deserving high elevation. Manoj Paramahamsa’s cinematography is colourful, giving a grand vibe to the proceedings. R Nirmal’s editing is alright. The writing works in parts, in comedy moments. However, when it comes to serious drama, it is banal.

Comedy In Parts
Action In Parts
First Half

Silly And Over The Top Narrative
Weak And Predictable Story
Second Half
No Hostage Drama and No Emotions

Shine Tom Chacko - Beast Telugu Movie ReviewAlternative Take
Working on a few terrorists and making them stronger would have elevated Vijay more and kept the narrative tight.

Did I Enjoy It?

Will You Recommend It?

Beast Telugu Movie Review by Mirchi9

Beast Telugu Movie Review

Final Report:

Beast ends with yet another over the top action block (climax). It is an out and out silly movie from Nelson. Wish he had done a little more research considering the kind of content available in the genre across web series’ in today’s Netflix era.

— Veera successfully saves the hostages. Beast is now heading to the ending with an action episode.

— Beast second half started on a Beast mode action episode.

First Half Report:

The comedy works in parts, but the action is way over the top and below-par lacking gripping quality. The hostages sequences aren’t even on par with the heist web series standards.

The second half holds the key now to see where Beast ends.

— Veera (Vijay) starts his rescue cover inside the mall.

— Veera (Vijay) and Preeti (Pooja) are in love. They enter East Coast Mall which is under hijacker’s control. ISS demands for most notorious terrorist Umar Farooq release from Thihar jail.

— Halamithi Habibo is a treat for Vijay fans with the gracious steps of Vijay. It was placed very early into the film, even before the story begins.

— Beast takes off with a over the top formulaic under cover action episode. Might work for fans. Veera (Vijay) is a RAW agent.

Stay tuned for Beast Movie Review, USA Premiere updates will begin shortly.

Beast is the new movie by Tamil star Vijay. Like his recent movies, he works with another young talented director Nelson Dilipkumar for Beast. Nelson’s last release was blockbuster Doctor.

Vijay is currently aiming for the number one spot in Tamil cinema. He is already leading the race with back to back successful outings for a long time. The Telugu audience, though, has caught up with him from Adirindi (Mersal), which saw decent openings. Sarkar, Whistle and Master subsequently bettered on the openings with the last two emerging commercial successes at some level.

Vijay would be hoping to continue the good track record and improve the long run further with Beast in Telugu. Dil Raju backing it in Telugu states is a good sign, and it should augur well for the film if the talk is good.

Furthermore, Beast’s success would establish Vijay as a safe bet in Telugu. The clash with the highly awaited KGF Chapter 2 is the biggest concern.

The theatrical trailer and the action have clicked with the youth of Telugu. Anirudh’s background score is doing wonders for Vijay like it did previously with Master. The early morning shows occupancies are good across the board, and if there is a positive talk, Beast will post good opening day numbers.

As always, Mirchi9 will bring you a ‘First-On-Net’ Beast Movie review, genuinely and honestly. Watch this space for our updates.