Bangaru Bullodu Review – A Bland And Boring Drama

Bangaru Bullodu Movie ReviewBOTTOM LINE
A Bland And Boring Drama


‘U’ Certified, 2h 9m

Allari Naresh -Bangaru Bullodu Movie ReviewWhat Is the Film About?
Bhavani Prasad (Allari Naresh) is a gold load appraiser in local Grameena Bank of a village. He is sincere and hardworking. He has a family of two elder brothers and grandfather to look after.

One day when the grandfather gets a heart stroke, he reveals a secret to Prasad. What is the secret and how it affects the life of Prasad? What about his personal life is what the movie is all about?

How Is Allari Naresh’s Performance?
Allari Naresh is back with a new solo movie after what feels like an eternity. He is also back to a terrain which has worked well for him in the past. It is the village-based setup. So, is the actor back in form? Unfortunately, it would be a no.

There is nothing wrong on the part of Allari Naresh. He does his work sincerely. He does the same that he has done many times before. But, the energy that one usually associates with him is missing. There seems to be a conscious effort to underplay the role and be sober. It doesn’t work for the most part, and his whole act generates a dull vibe.

Director PV GiriDirection by PV Giri?
Giri Palika helms Bangaru Bullodu. It is a village-based drama with the background of gold loans in Grameena Bank.

Telugu film industry has had many village-based films in the past. Over the years, it has decreased, but there is a resurgence in recent years with a little bit of a modern upgrade. Considering all these Bangaru Bullodu is fair in its setup and background. It provides ample scope for fun and drama.

Giri Palika, however, misses the bus when it comes to Bangaru Bullodu. The setting is not explored much, and the characters inhibited in the village space lack the spark to provide the fun.

The narrative is filled with generic characters and dull emotions. In fact, one of the other more significant issues is that the drama dominates the entertainment. It is not a rule that that should be the case, but there is a scope here. Also, the attempt is clear to generate fun. But, it is done in a repetitive way.

Take the example of the usage of stored gold. It is repeated throughout. It is fun in parts but, on the whole, it gives a monotonous vibe as the aspect isn’t explored much. It also gets formulaic – as in one can guess what might happen next.

Similarly, we don’t see characters populating the space who offer something new or quirky. It is the same old cliché presentation. An attempt after a long gap alone shouldn’t be taken as attempting something fresh. The lacklustre writing gets further blame for lacking momentum.

The love track is disastrous. It is terribly mixed into the narrative and comes across as a second thought. The only purpose here is to add songs into the mix using it.

The reason that’s finally left to go through the proceedings is the end to the central drama related to the local diety’s jewellery. After a long and tiring journey, it is ended in a jiffy. It is both good and bad, though. The former is because it helps complete the movie quickly, the latter because of the disappointment.

Overall, Bangaru Bullodu is a dull and tiring watch despite the reasonable length. If you go in expecting comedy, there is nothing but disappointment in store. And the drama is meandering and tedious. An avoidable fare unless you want to give Allari Naresh a chance keeping in mind his better ‘timepass’ work.

Pooja Jhaveri-Bangaru Bullodu Movie ReviewPooja Jhaveri and Others?
Pooja Jhaveri plays a typical flowerpot heroine in the movie. She looks fine and has a couple of songs to shows her glamorous side as well as dances.

After Allari Naresh, it is Tanikella Bharani and Posani Krishna Murali who have significant roles. They are alright doing their usual. Praveen plays the supporting character. It is another non-comic part for him than what we usually see him do. Vennela Kishore’s role starts well but ends poorly. Satyam Rajesh and Prabhas Srinu are wasted after a decent beginning. Prithvi is alright but again relegated to the background after a start.

Music Director Sai-KarthikMusic and Other Departments?
Sai Karthik’s music in on the expected lines. It is high on beats but lacks a catchy tune. The remix of the yesteryears song from Nandamuri Balakrishna starrer Bangaru Bullodu is terrible. The background score is comparatively better. The cinematography by Satish Muthyala is below par. It gives a dated feeling to the proceedings. The editing by MR Varma is okay.

Tanikella Bharani -Bangaru Bullodu Movie ReviewHighlights?
Few Comedy One-Liners

Boring And Bland Narrative
Weak Drama
Love Track

Alternative Take
Better integration of the love story and the gold-related fun (and drama) should have enhanced the movie’s overall appeal. Additionally, an energetic narrative with improved writing would have taken the given content to the next level.

Did I Enjoy It?

Will You Recommend It?

Bangaru Bullodu Review by Siddartha

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